Some things to know about Buddy: Don’t let the white face fool you – he has lots of energy and a spring in his step, he loves chasing tennis balls (especially the squeaky ones) and will play by himself if he's bored.

Buddy is wary of other dogs, especially large dogs but has met a few smaller, calm dogs on walks. His foster home does have five Goldens which he basically ignores preferring to spend time with his foster Dad. He is indifferent to cats and has not been exposed to children. Most likely, Buddy’s wish is a quiet home with no other dogs.

Buddy is a fast learner, he responds to all basic commands, walks great on a leash, and is getting used to car rides. He doesn’t like crates and doesn’t need one (great house manners!). Thunder is a bit of an issue but has something to calm him. And no surprise – Buddy will be happy to sleep in your bed if that’s OK with you!

If you're looking for someone who enjoys walks - Buddy is your guy. He can take long, fast walks, and could even be a running companion. Inside, he will also be content to follow you around or quietly sit by your side. 

Buddy spent years with one person and it seems he was not “out and about” very much. Now his life is expanding. He is ready for new adventures, a new forever home and a new family to love. Buddy will fill your home and your heart with his gratitude and his love …. and he’s waiting.

If you are interested in adopting Buddy download:  Link to Adoption Application

Buddy is being fostered in the Hilton Head area