This page is to honor or remember a loved one, friend, pet, or anyone special in your life. What better way to show someone who is or has made an impact on your life than honoring them with a "Heart of Gold". All donations will go directly to the medical care of our Goldens in need.  To make a donation, click the PayPal button below and provide details in the "Message" box.  If you would like a picture included, please email your picture in JPEG format to
"Hearts of Gold" 2019

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Myrtle Beach, SC 29578

In Memory of
your dear Zelda

Joe & Susan Singer
In Memory of
Sandy and Tom Payne

Judith Fooks
In Memory of Randy
He loved many and was loved by many. He left a huge legacy that we all can be proud of.

Linda Moorer
In Memory of Finn
Tim and Mary - Thank you for adopting this sweet boy and surrounding him with all the love he deserved. We're so thankful that
he found you both.

Hallie & Josh
In Honor of
Deb Parlanti's Birthday!

MaryJean Machamer
In Memory of
Joseph "Pip" Mash

Deborah A. Burda
In Honor of
Lee Ann Buxton

Ed Wilkins
In Memory of
Joseph "Pip" Mash

Larry Stadtmiller
Susan Stonebraker
In Memory of
Joseph "Pip" Mash

Patricia Burns
In Memory of
Joseph "Pip" Mash

Michele Johnston
In Loving Memory of
Dasha Bella Gracie, our beautiful, sweet Golden girl. Thank you for years of unconditional love!

The Dickinson's
Dasha Bella Gracie