During this Season of Giving, donations to Grateful Goldens Rescue
represents a major portion of our funding for the year.

Your gift today will be helping many Grateful Goldens in the New Year.

From our hearts ~ Thank You!

​The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro grant from The Carlson Family Fund

Happy Holidays to
you and your family!
Merry Christmas
Deb & Bob Parlanti

Mary Jean

Victor Harned

William Howard
Flowers, Jr. Foundation

In Memory of

Janie Roberts

Sloan Wright

​Sarah Delmore

Warren Onken

Justine Timmons

Beatrice Gobee

​Judy Kenyon

Geraldine Craddock

​John T. Bartley, Jr.

Thomas E. Kent

Dennis Bono

Frank Lepore

​Stephen Lullmann

John Ryder

Laurie Beaulieu
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Myrtle Beach, SC  29578

In Memory of
Rhett, Sam, Delaney, Rusty and Zoe

Tom Milan

In Honor of our girl Stella, our GGRLC rescue

Mike & Barbara Werneke

​Merry Christmas Connor & Justine

 from Nana & PopPop
Robert Dillon

Laurel Schwinn
Susan Crosby

Jeanie Pakenas
This donation is in memory of Jasmine, Emma, Bailey, Tucker and Jarold Lister

Rebecca Zozaya
Keep us the good work. It is very dear to our hearts.

Betty & Dennis

Kathy Habib
Beverly O'Neal
Bryan Smith

Love from Terri and Dakota (my Toller service dog rescue) and in memory of my beloved Jenna (my Golden Rescue)
Terri Weiss

Joyce & Lowell Mallard
Shiloh and Sugar too!

Tom & Lily Grace
​In Memory of Jack (AKA Willie)

Chris Widuch
Joan Jackson
Merry Christmas Connor and Justine

Grady and Rorie

​Steven Underdown
Madeline Castle

Shannon White

Pamela Mihelic
O W Havens Foundation

Ray & Catherine Ryks
Thanks for all you do. We miss Katie so much and want to make sure others like her receive a deserving home.

Kristin Fiano
Thank you for all that you do!
Bryant, Katie,
Penny & Max Teefy
Thomas Rauzzino
Cecilia Dilworth
Bobby Simmons
Kathryn Edwards
Thanks for all you do. We love our Riley so much. He was the best addition to the family!
Carl Carlson

Shirl Cornelius
Dayle Grimsley
Richard Marvel
​Best Wishes to all for a Blessed 2020. In honor of GGRLC alums Dusty and Lance.

Jody Clark
Kathy Murray
Daniel Westerbeck
Julia Wellons

Richard Bryan

Griffith Jones

Cynthia Castle
Donation in name of:
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Whorley & Family
Rev. & Mrs. Paul S. Blair
Mrs. Karen Blair
Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Collins

Kathleen & William

In Memory of
Murphy, Bailey & Maddie

Lorraine & Chris

Carl Carlson
Matt Prisby

Geraldine Craddock
Anna Hart
Elizabeth Williams

Sylvia Armfield

Jean Beckley

Jana Witt

Angel Taylor

​Karen Graham

Adam Killermann

​C. Mac Gibson, Jr.
In Honor of
Jonah and Gracie

Chris Dumas


Linda Moorer
Thanks for all you do. Piper means the world to us. 

Adam & Claire Curran
This donation is in memory of Joseph "Pip" Mash who passed away December 16, 2018.
With love,
Karen Gamble & Sophie Kuzminsky
Mary Lou Lelii Bryant
Sheri Zolner
Elaine & Warren Koegel

In Honor of our beloved Max

Kevin Chapin