During this Season of Giving, donations to Grateful Goldens Rescue
represents a major portion of our funding for the year.

Your gift today will be helping many Grateful Goldens in the New Year.

From our hearts ~ Thank You!

Happy Holidays to
you and your family!

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Myrtle Beach, SC  29578

In Memory of our GGR goldens,
Rhett, Sam, Delaney, Rusty and Zoe

Tom Milan
Merry Christmas
in Honor of
Deb & Bob Parlanti
Love you, Mom & Dad

Mary Jean Machamer

Happy Holidays to All the Goldens. May they ALL find their Forever homes.

Jack & Mary Bartley
In Honor of our wonderful GGR Goldens,
Jonah and Gracie

Chris Dumas
Kathryn Wagner
Judith B Carroll
Frank Lepore
Mary Lou Lelii Bryant
In Memory of all our beloved fur babies❤🐾

Penny and Scamp Atwell-Lullmann
Anne & Thomas Hux
Christopher Widuch
Laura Clekis
Kathleen & Bill Blair
In Memory of our Goldens,
Joshua, Buffy, Jacob, Annie, Eli, Sara, Molly and Conor❤🐾

Pete & Elsie Mitchell
In Honor of
our Keli❤🐾

Pete & Elsie Mitchell
In Memory of
my husband Tom❤ and sweet Daisy Mae🐾.
Sending best wishes
for Aiden.

Anne M. Holmes
Bobby Simmons
Barbara Osler
Thomas Rauzzino
John T. Bartley Jr.
Kerri Hendrick
Mary-jeanette Smythe
Elizabeth Williams
Jeanie Pakenas
Jill Louv

Jefferson Wood
Carl Carlson
Ann Delmore

Kathy Murray

Lynn Staples
Irene Klein
Laurel Schwinn
Rebecca L. Zozaya
Jennifer Barrineau
Stuart Walman
Cynthia Castle
Catherine Christman
Richard Marvel
Gail P. Hardie
A Christmas contribution for my uncle and aunt, Greg & Donna, who found their forever friend. Thank you for all you do!

Kathleen Van Atta
Linda Martin
In Memory of my
Sweet Lil Missy❤ rescued from GGR.

Maureen Dempsey
Lisa Pregent
Jan Petzold
In Memory of

Ray Maggio
In Memory of
Jake & Teddy Bear
and In Honor of
Mandy Mae❤🐾

Liz & Eric Smeltz
Kaitlynn Lewis
Sally Menefee
Dana McAdam
O W Havens Foundation

Merry Christmas from the Grandinetti &
Winslow families
In Honor of Dr. Bruce Crull for providing the best of vet care for all our golden fosters and adoptees.🐾

Pete & Elsie Mitchell
In Honor of Megan Hendrix who generously groomed many goldens who came into rescue and continues to take care of our Keli.🐾

Pete & Elsie Mitchell
Kathryn Edwards
Robin Costanzo
Jerri Franks
Patricia Guasta
Allen Terrell
Lynne Betty
Jill Louv
Thomas Kent
Christine Netto
In Loving Memory of Cole Clark, fur-sibling of GGRLC alumni Dusty and Lance.

Jody Clark
In Memory of our wonderful Goldens Belle, Gracie, Shane and Lily

Joyce & Lowell Mallard
For the medical expenses for goldens like
Willow & Cooper and
In Grateful Honor of Virginia Pearson.

Sarah Rabinowitz
Susan Christie
Jessica Joyner
C. Mac Gibson
Catherine Chapman
Carl Carlson
Brooke Dean
Matt Prisby
Cynthia Castle
Traci Manos
Carolina Huggins
Julia Wellons
Sarah Hyle
Daniel Westerbeck
Patty Parrish
Linda Moorer
Theodore Manos
Lisa Nones
Donna Sprout
Julia C. Rodriguez
John T. Bartley, Jr.
Beatrice S. Gobee
Sylvia Alldredge
Debra Anderson
Karen Kinsey
Beth Trafford
Lee Ann Buxton
With heartfelt appreciation to GGR for their dedication to rescue Goldens year after year!

Joan Brooks
Robert Van Dolah
Karen Kinsey
Karen Kinsey
Caleb Melton
Jana Witt
Cecilia Dilworth
Shannon White
Thomas Rauzzino
Linda Hunt
Griffith Jones
Cynthia G. Scott
In Memory of Milo

John & Susan
In Honor of
Elaine Coy Koegel

Warren & Kathryn
Carol Fellner
Rebecca Hendrick
Pamela Mihelic