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Last updated on: December 13, 2016
Grateful Goldens has not verified and makes no warranties about the statements provided about posted dogs. These dogs are not part of the rescue therefore GGRLC assumes no responsibilities for the health or temperament of the dogs listed. Please contact the person listed to discuss the dog.
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Please Note: If you are interested in possibly adopting one of these wonderful Goldens we require a completed  adoption application (found on the adoption page) to start the process. We get many, many  calls and applications and to facilitate the process we must have an application before contacting you. Thank-you and we look forward to working with you to find the right Golden for your family.

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Gunner is a sweet 3 year boy. When Gunner was surrendered to Grateful Goldens he had lost almost all of his hair due to severe allergies. Grateful Goldens and some wonderful fosters spent 8 months diagnosing his allergies and helping him to recover. He is now on shots to desensitize him to his allergies and his hair is almost completely grown back. Gunner is ready for a home that will continue is monthly treatments and help him complete his recovery and become the golden he was meant to be. 
Gunner is being fostered in the Charleston area.
Chad is sweet, friendly and active 1½ year old boy. He walks fairly well on a lead, and just finished his basic obedience training so he knows his basic commands.  He's smart, learns very quickly, and loves to play.  If you're looking for a great companion, who can keep up with your physical activities or occasionally lie around the house with you and cuddle, look no further.  He's with several other dogs in his foster home but is not good with cats.  He sleeps in a crate at night, is housebroken, HW Negative, neutered and up to date on shots.

Chad is being fostered in the Florence area.
Isabelle is an adorable 2 year old  miniature golden mix. She was tearfully surrendered by her family when their lives changed and they could no longer keep her. Isabelle is a velcro girl who just wants to be petted and loved. She is up to date on shots, but is heartworm positive. She would love a family willing to foster her through her heartworm treatment with the intention of adopting her when her treatment is completed. Isabelle is being fostered in Florence, SC
Tasha is an 11yr old Golden mix, but definitely has the golden personality! She was turned in by her family because her senior mom could no longer care for her. She has been well cared for (heartworm negative!)  and is very comfortable in a home environment. Tasha is fostered with 2 dogs and 1 indoor cat and loves young children. She has a very playful personality, you would never guess she is 11 ( she likes to bark at her toys and throw her own ball around)!  Tasha walks very well on her leash and loves her daily walks. She would be such an added friend to your family. 

Tasha is being fostered in Savannah.
Odin was reluctantly given up by his mom, who was unable to keep him indoors or give him the attention a 2 1/2 year old boy needs due to her medical issues.  Odin, a handsome light blonde boy, is settling in to his foster home with foster siblings.  

Odin was brought up with children and another dog but is a little shy.  He does like being around women and warms up to men with just a bit of time to become accustomed to them.  He jumps into your car with just a little coaxing and rides quietly on the back seat.

He is up to date on shots and needs to be neutered but he has to have his Heartworm treatment work up before his neuter can be scheduled.  At 80 pounds, he can still put on a little weight to round him out fully.  

Odin is currently being fostered in the Charleston area.

Odin Has His Furever Home!!!!
Summer was picked up as a stray in a nearby county and taken to their local shelter.  She appears to have been on her own just a short while as she had fleas and a few ticks, however, no one came to claim her.  The shelter workers thought she was sweet and deserved a chance at the 'Golden' life and contacted us.

Summer is a pretty, cream colored golden mix, about 55 pounds.  She has very expressive dark eyes which watch everything out the car windows.  She adored being petted during her car trip to the Golden life.  She is comfortable with other dogs, eats well and likes the people she has met.  She is up to date on shots, Heartworm negative and on her monthly preventatives.  She will need to be spayed before her adoption can be finalized but she is available to foster with intent to adopt after her recuperation.

She is currently in the Florence area but we will gladly transport her to a soon to be furever home.

Clarice is small golden girl about 1 ½ years old and was rescued from a Georgia shelter with her brother Rudy. Both had little socialization, so the first order of business was to let the learn what the golden life is like and that humans are not scary. Both came out of their shells pretty quickly and now are very loving. Rudy has found his forever home, but Clarice is still waiting. Although Clarice can be very active, she can also be very chill. You couldn't ask for a sweeter dog. She sits for her meals, sits for treats - all without being told.  She will do best in a home with another young dog to play with!

Clarice is being fostered in the Savannah area.

Haley is a sweet 3 year old golden mix who was picked up as a stray. She tested Heartworm positive, but she has completed her Heartworm treatment and is ready for a home where she can settle in. Although she is 3years old, she stills loves to play so a home with another young dog to play with would be ideal for her. Haley is up to date on all of shots and has her bags packed.

Haley is being fostered in the Savannah area.

Sammy is a sweet boy who was surrendered when his family moved and could no longer take care of him. He is between 4 and 5 years old and loves people. He is good with children and other dogs, but we do not know how he is with cats. He loves to play fetch and then to cool off afterwards he loves being sprayed with a water hose. Sammy has good house manners and would love a home where he can just chill out. Unfortunately, Sammy has tested positive for heartworms so he is looking for a wonderful home to foster him through his heartworm treatment.

Max is a handsome gentleman, approximately 9 years old, who doesn’t act his age.  Max”s foster says since he is still active for his age. He needs a fenced back yard where he can chase his beloved tennis balls.  He likes people, other dogs and daily brushings.  He's not fond of swimming but likes to wade.  He has good house manners, knows basic commands and is more comfortable with a person home with him during a storm.  The only thing he's not good at is walking, unless he's already been tired out, because he is just so excited to meet and smell everything!

Max is Heartworm Negative, up to date on shots and on his monthly preventatives.  He is being fostered in the Savannah area but will gladly share his tennis balls with you in a furever home

Mac is a wonderful 7 year old big red golden who was surrendered by his family when life changes prevented them from giving him the home they knew he needed. Mac is an incredibly sweet boy with a happy personality. Mac is very calm, walks easily, never pulls, loves the cat in his foster home and is a perfect gentleman in the house. He is a little overweight so he is currently on a diet, getting long walks. He has already lost several pounds. Mac is up to date on shots and Heartworm negative. He is anxiously awaiting his neuter appointment because once that is done, he will be ready to go to his furever home.
Sassy is a beautiful young girl of 8 months.  She is a true puppy, curious and energetic!  She is doing well with her foster family and a number of foster pets.  She has settled in well with her crate training, doing well with her housebreaking and learning manners.

She is now up to date on shots, Heartworm negative, on her preventative medications and will be spayed soon.  She is looking for someone who can deal with her puppy energy, training and socialization in return for having this gorgeous girl by their side.

Sammy Has His Furever Home!!!
Chance is a 1 year old boy that came to us when he his family decided as a pup, he was more than they could take care of. He is a wonderful boy who has a true golden temperament. He is up to date on shots, neutered and  Heartworm negative. Chance is looking for a home with an active family, a runner in the family would be great to help burn off some of his energy. He has had very little training so his adoptive family must be committed to getting him some. All this boy needs to be a wonderful golden is a family that cares.
Matilda, Tillie for short, has been spayed, is UTD on shots, and is going through HW treatment.  She's about 3 yrs old & weighed 46 lbs when spayed, but has filled out some since then.  She was pretty thin when she came from the Colleton County Animal Shelter.  Although a bit hesitant to go in the house initially, Tillie has learned to love being indoors & has great house manners.  She's a very sweet, beautiful girl, who gets along well with dogs & loves kids.  In her only encounter with cats she chased them, but was more excited than aggressive.  The foster mom believes she can learn to get along with cats

Tillie is being fostered in the Charleston area.

Sassy Has Her Furever Home!!!
Chance Has His Furever Home!!!!
Max Has His Furever Home!!!
Matilda Has Her Furever Home!!!
Summer Has Her Furever Home!!!
Mac Has His Furever Home!!!
Penny is a sweet golden mix about 2 ½ years old who was rescued from a shelter in southern South Carolina. She is housebroken and crate trained. She is good with most cats unless they try and run away from her. Her favorite thing to do is chase squirrels so she would do better in a fenced yard. She is good with other dogs, but may be a little skittish when first meeting. She came to us with Heartworms, but has been treated and is ready for a forever home.​
Beau came to us from a bad situation. Once our volunteer met him, we knew we had to help him even though there is not much golden in him except the golden personality. He’s about 9 and has a little gimp in his front leg where he was hit by a car & nobody helped him. You couldn't ask for a sweeter, more laid back boy. He just wants to hang out with you. As you can see by his after picture, he has healed and is ready for his forever home.​
Clarice Has Her Furever Home!!!!
Haley Has Her Furever Home!!!