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Last updated on: July 20, 2014
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Please Note: If you are interested in possibly adopting one of these wonderful Goldens we require a completed  adoption application (found on the adoption page) to start the process. We get many, many  calls and applications and to facilitate the process we must have an application before contacting you. Thank-you and we look forward to working with you to find the right Golden for your family.
Isabella (Izzy) is a gorgeous, healthy 4 - 5  year old part Golden who wears her fur proudly. Her huge brown eyes will melt your heart as she cuddles-and cuddles she does. Izzy was surrendered by a family who were unable to care for her due to her epilepsy, which is well controlled with daily meds. In addition to cuddling, Izzy loves to have her soft belly rubbed and loves to run and play.She is leash trained (and does not pull), and is 100% house broken. She is a superb watch dog as her personality changes only when strangers approach. She gets along famously with the cats, Goldens, and people in her foster home.
Izzy is ideal for an individual or family who wants a truly devoted, obedient, loving, protective and feminine girl. People at the dog park remark on her beauty, great behavior, and good nature. Her foster parents also adore her and would adopt her if there were not medical issues with one of the foster parents. She is spayed and totally up to date on all her shots.  She is ready for her furever home.

Izzy is being fostered in the Charleston area.

Luke is a handsome 8 month old Golden boy who needed more exercise than his Mom was able to provide him due to recent health issues.  She loved him so much that she did what she felt was the best thing for him and entrusted him to our care to find him a forever home.  Luke is up-to-date on his vaccines, neutered and on flea and heartworm preventatives.  He is a happy, healthy and very loving boy who is having a blast playing with his Golden foster brother and sister and soaking up attention from his foster parents.

Luke is being fostered in the Grand Strand area.

!!!Adoption Pending!!!
Misty has had a rough life.  She showed up at a woman's farm, pregnant and no place to go.  The woman took her in and helped deliver her babies and cared for the little family.  She found homes for the babies, and planned to keep Misty because she was such a sweet girl.  Unfortunately, retrievers and birds (in this case chickens) don't always mix, and Misty liked to retrieve them from the chicken pen.  Chickens notwithstanding, this is such a sweet girl!  She gives kisses, loves to cuddle, and is even nurturing to the other dogs in her foster home!!

Unfortunately, she is heartworm positive and when she heals from her spay, we will begin her treatment.  We think she is about 7 years old, and is now up to date on shots and has been spay.  Looking for love and kisses?  This is your girl!! Misty is being fostered in the Coastal Georgia area.
Zoe, a beautiful 4 year old, came into rescue due to the trauma of a long airplane flight which instilled her with fears of separation.  Her family unit of Mom, Dad, boys and girls as well as an older dog tried to work her though the issues but sadly determined that they could not provide her with an environment where she could happily exist.  The foster family has been working with her and a trainer to identify ways to support her and diminish the behaviors being shown when she attaches herself to the male or leader of the pack.  She is currently going on daily walks as part of a pack, car trips and visits to pet friendly businesses to reinforce her understanding of life outside a house.  Zoe is very smart, has charming manners, does well living with children and knows lots of commands.  She will need a furever home with well seasoned dog people, another dog in the house and lots of structure to support her while she learns to trust that her human will always come back.  If you have the time, desire to share your love with a girl who truly needs it and the ability to continue working with professionals, please consider this blonde charmer.

Zoe is being fostered in the Charleston area.
Augie was located recently in a rural Georgia shelter by one of the wonderful GGR volunteers who looked past the shelter statement that HE was a brown female Labrador Retriever. Augie is a handsome smaller golden male and is about 2 or 3 years old. He settled into his foster home without any problems, has accepted being crated and, although he is still intact, is very submissive. He loves nothing better than to sit by your side and get pets. Augie is Heartworm positive and will begin heatworm treatments as soon as he recovers from his neuter.

Augie is being fostered in the Charleston area.

!!!Adoption Pending!!!
Adoption Pending
BJ lived a lot of his 7 years on the end of a tether in a yard as his human was older and didn't have 'house dogs.'  This sweetheart came into rescue after his owner passed away. Brown eyes that melt your heart, a fuzzy head and a skinny tail wagging hard is now your first impression of BJ.. BJ is skittish and will back away when approached, however, turn your back on him and wander away, he'll follow you in hopes of a morsel to nibble.  He has recently been neutered, vetted, UTD on all his shots and is HW negative.  He has successfully transitioned into his foster home, is getting along with his foster parents and 3 other furry foster siblings.  He is good in a crate but quickly earned full house privileges. He knows sit and walks well on a leash. He needs a family that will show him that the world is not a scary place.

He is being fostered in the Grand Strand area.
Zeva is a beautiful 2 year old Golden girl who was sadly turned in to our rescue due to her owner’s ongoing health issues.  Zeva is a sweet, laid back girl who is enjoying the company of her foster Golden brother who is showing her the ropes.  She is up to date on her vaccines, already spayed, and other than a little fear of loud noises, is a turn-key girl.  She is ready for her furever home!

Zeva is being fostered in the Grand Strand area.
Shadow is quite the happy boy these days now that he is in rescue.  Found as a stray by Animal Control, Shadow came into rescue weighing only 45 lbs., anemic and heartworm positive.  No longer scrounging for food, this handsome 4 year old boy is now eating well and putting on some much needed weight.  He is up to date on his vaccines and once he has reached a good weight and no longer anemic, he will be scheduled for his neuter.   Once he recovers from his neuter, he will begin his heartworm treatment.  Although Shadow has some hurdles, he is a friendly and sweet boy who is now loving life.  Stay tuned for updates.

Shadow is being fostered in the Grand Strand area.

Adoption Pending!!!!
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Adoption Pending!!!!
This is Angel, and that she is. Even though she's only 3 years old, she's apparently been bred continuously and was left behind with her puppies in an abandoned home. They were all in bad shape, but a group of good Samaritans nursed her and her puppies back to health and turned her over to us to find her a wonderful furever home.

Angel is being fostered in the Coastal Georgia area.
Caesar is a fun loving 6 year old whose owners turned him in because of lifestyle changes.  He has excellent house manners and has been a great "big brother" to the younger dog in his foster home, teaching him limits and manners.  He would be a great addition to a loving family with kids and perhaps another dog to play with.  He is up-to-date on vaccinations, heartworm negative and neutered and has his bags packed!

Caesar is being fostered in the Coastal Georgia area. 

Carson is an amazing dog who came to us from a shelter with no background information, but with a testy attitude (we can only imagine what he had experienced before he got to the shelter).  With the expert help of a trainer and an awesome foster, he has overcome his issues and was the hit of our last event at PetSmart in Savannah!  He sits and lays down on command.  His foster is working with him on going to his mat and staying until released.  He likes to go for rides in the car and wants to go with you when every time you leave the house.  He has excellent house manners.  He does great with children (his foster has grandsons ages 6, 8, and 13).  He walks well on a leash and would be fine for an older couple or a single female.  He enjoys playing with the younger golden in his foster home but is also content to lay around and be a golden.  There are no cats at his foster home, but when he encounters them on his walks, they don't seem to bother him.  He also ignores squirrels and birds.  He is estimated to be 2 years old.

Carson is being fostered in the Coastal Georgia area.
Emma is a tall, blonde and white beauty. With her third birthday rapidly approaching this February, Emma is wishing for a new forever family.  She was very reluctantly returned to GGRLC due to multiple lifestyle changes in her adoring family.  Her foster family consists of multiple male and female fur siblings and she is fitting in wonderfully.  She still has a good amount of energy that she needs to release daily, so she would love to live with a runner or active family. She loves chew toys and toys she can chase, but is more than willing to share them. She would do best in a home with a mature dog, who is preferably still playful, to ease her transition and keep her company when left alone. She is up to date on shots and ready for her furever home.

Emma is being fostered in the Charleston area.
Libby is a very sweet girl who was picked up as a stray. She is about 7 or 8 years old and loves people, children, other dogs and cats. She has great house manners and although she is good in a crate, she can be trusted to stay alone in the house. Everyone at the vet's office is in love with her, as were the staff at the shelter who contacted us about taking in this little mixed girl.  She is currently receiving medical treatment for her ears and, once she is cleared, she will be spayed.  She is, however, heartworm positive which will be treated after she recovers from her spay.  GGR is currently looking for a family to fall in love with her and help her through her heartworm treatment so they can then adopt her.
Libby Has Her Furever Home!!!
Ranger: Ranger's owners asked us to find him a good home because of his flea allergy being aggravated where they were living, as well as his mom's increased allergy issues.  While it broke their heart to let him go, they knew it was the best for him.  He is fine with everyone, including children, other dogs, and usually indifferent to cats.  This beautiful boy is 5 years old, up-to-date on vaccinations and heartworm negative.  He has excellent housemanners, knows lots of commands and his foster has been working with him on a lead.   His bags are packed and he's ready to roll!!

Ranger is being fostered in the Coastal Georgia area.

Emma Has Her Furever Home!!!!
Barney: If you love goldens, but your lifestyle does not permit you to have a full size golden, Barney is the dog for you. Barney has all of the golden attributes, but in a small, apartment or condo sized package. Barney is only 1 ½ years old and would do best in an active home with a gentle, but firm hand to smooth his rough edges. He does will with other dogs and has charmed his foster family. Barney is Heartworm positive, but will begin his treatment soon. Barney is being fostered in the Charleston area.
Sam is a very active 8 1/2 year old blonde boy who was tearfully surrendered by his family because of a lifestyle change. To help transition him into a new forever home, GGRLC took advantage of a 3 week obedience training opportunity. This intensive program has prepared Sam to be an even better dog and his training will follow him into his new home. He is UTD on shots, is HW Negative. Sam has graduated and has his bags packed. Sam is being fostered in the Charleston area.
Grady is a 1 1/2 year old Golden Doodle who was sadly surrendered to our rescue when his family made the difficult decision that they could not provide him with the time and exercise that he needs.  Being a busy family with two small children, Grady's size was overwhelming to their small children and they felt, in the proper situation, this wonderful boy would reach his full potential.  He is a tall, 75 lb. boy who is up to date on his vaccines, neutered, heartworm negative, on flea and heartworm preventatives, and microchipped.  Grady is one handsome, sweet and loving boy who is cat-friendly and will make an amazing addition to a family with older children and/or larger dogs who will be committed to providing him with training and exercise.  His bags are packed and he is ready for his forever family!

Grady is being fostered in the Grand Strand area.
Caesar Has His Furever Home!!!!
Ranger Has His Furever Home!!!!
Carson Has His Furever Home!!!!
Bella is only about a year old, but this little girl had a rough life before she made her way to Grateful Goldens Rescue.  Dumped at an abandoned hunting lodge in the country, she survived by living in a nearby dumpster.  When rescuers found her, she was scared and wouldn't let anyone near her, but they persevered and she made her way to us.  Fast forward to today, now clean, soft and fluffy, she has learned to trust humans and loves to play (her foster mom calls her "Bouncing Bella").  When not playing, she loves to snuggle.  She's inquisitive about the cats, but not aggressive.  Having had heartworms when she first came into rescue, she has just begun to take walks on a leash and is doing very well.  She is spay and up to date on her vaccinations and has her bags packed!!

Bella is being fostered in Coastal Georgia. 

Grady Has His Furever Home!!!!
Adoption Pending!!!!
Sassy is a small girl, possibly 2 - 3 years of age who was picked up as a stray and taken to a very small, rural shelter. The shelter reached out to GGR even though she is a golden mix, they felt she had the golden personality and deserved to be rescued. She is currently living with 2 adults, 3 other dogs and gets along well with them as she is a submissive girl.  She is both crate and house trained.  She knows sit and walks well on leash.  She does enjoy sitting in a chair at the window, watching the world as she's very inquisitive.  She also enjoys being petted and snuggling in bed.  Sassy has been brought UTD on her shots and is Heartworm negative.  She's looking for someone who will let her share their lives fully and keep training her as she's very intelligent. Once she recovers from her spay, she will be ready for her new home 

Sassy is being fostered in the Charleston area.
Gunner is a sweet 3 year boy. When Gunner was surrendered to Grateful Goldens he had lost almost all of his hair due to severe allergies. Grateful Goldens and some wonderful fosters spent 8 months diagnosing his allergies and helping him to recover. He is now on shots to desensitize him to his allergies and his hair is almost completely grown back. Gunner is ready for a home that will continue is monthly treatments and help him complete his recovery and become the golden he was meant to be.
Gunner is being fostered in the Charleston area.
Gunner when he came into rescue.
Remington, is a sweet 7 year old boy, who came to use when his family situation changed and they could no longer keep him. He has settled in to his new foster home with 2 foster siblings and 3 children, where he has already adopted one of the children as a sleeping partner. Remington knows all of his basic commands and has good house manners. Don't let his white face fool you, his favorite thing to do is run on the beach. Remington is up to date on his shots,  has his bags packed and is anxiously waiting for his new home. Remington is being fostered in the Charleston area.
Jack is a sweet boy who was turned over to one of our vets because of his blindness.  We can't understand why because his blindness certainly doesn't handicap him.  Like any happy dog, he loves to roll in the grass when it is sunny out and he likes to play with the ChuckIt ball. He does well with the other dogs in his foster home, but it did take about 2 weeks for him to feel comfortable with them.  He is in a foster home with a puppy who loves to play with him, and an older dog who likes to ignore him or just lay nearby.  He is pretty low key - he likes to find a comfy place to hang out, and when it is past his bed time, he will bark at the baby gate to go to his bed. Although he cannot see, his nose and ears work exceptionally well!  This sweet boy would love a low-key home to hang out with his humans and enjoy his senior years.

Jack is being fostered in the Coastal GA/Hilton Head area.

Adoption Pending!!!!
Remington Has His Furever Home!!!!
Sam Has His Furever Home!!!!
This little guy was found scrounging around a gas station - the attendant said he'd been hanging around for several days.  He was extremely skinny and appeared to be looking for food.  When a good Samaritan opened her car door, he jumped right in, as if to say "will you take me home with you?"  He was covered in fleas and ticks, but still as sweet as could be.  After a bath to get rid of the fleas and ticks, they tried to feed him a little bit, but he seemed to choke on it and threw it back up.  They contacted us for help and we of course authorized veterinary care for him. 

Go to our Featured Golden page to see the rest of his story. Wes has some serious medical issues and GGR is taking care of them. He needs Golden Angels to  help with the growing bills. This is a sweet boy who deserves the best. Help us get him back on the Golden path.

Featured Golden Page Updated 7/4/14
Shadow II is a wonderful 12 1/2 years young boy who was dropped off at the shelter along with another dog.  He was so sad and couldn't understand why his life had turned upside down.  Once the call came in from the shelter our volunteers jumped into high gear to pull this boy so he would be safe.  Shadow went from sad to very glad to be out of the shelter and in a great foster home with people to care for him.  He is a sweet Golden gentleman who is friendly, loving and well behaved.  Don't let that white face fool you because he is full of life and will make a fantastic companion.  Shadow has been neutered, is up to date on his vaccine, microchipped and in great shape.  The only thing that could make an already very grateful boy happy would be for someone to open their heart and home so he can have his second chance at a loving life.
Bailey is a sweet 12 year old boy who acts half his age. He came to us through no fault of his own but because of changes to his owners' lifestyle, they could no longer keep him. He demands little in life except someone to pet him. He will sit for hours by your side for an occasional hand reaching out and stroking him. He amuses himself with the dog toys and loves to shake the rope around after throwing it in the air. He is up for walks, just not too long in the heat of the day. He is good with other dogs and children, but we are not too sure with cats. He has been given a clean bill of health and is Heartworm negative. He'll be a handsome fellow once his hair grows out from a summer shave. Bailey has his bags packed and is ready to go.  Bailey is being fostered in Florence.