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Last updated on: February 13, 2016
Grateful Goldens has not verified and makes no warranties about the statements provided about posted dogs. These dogs are not part of the rescue therefore GGRLC assumes no responsibilities for the health or temperament of the dogs listed. Please contact the person listed to discuss the dog.
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Please Note: If you are interested in possibly adopting one of these wonderful Goldens we require a completed  adoption application (found on the adoption page) to start the process. We get many, many  calls and applications and to facilitate the process we must have an application before contacting you. Thank-you and we look forward to working with you to find the right Golden for your family.

Misty has had a rough life.  She showed up at a woman's farm, pregnant and no place to go.  The woman took her in and helped deliver her babies and cared for the little family.  She found homes for the babies, and planned to keep Misty because she was such a sweet girl.  Unfortunately, retrievers and birds (in this case chickens) don't always mix, and Misty liked to retrieve them from the chicken pen.  Chickens notwithstanding, this is such a sweet girl!  She gives kisses, loves to cuddle, and is even nurturing to the other dogs in her foster home!!

Unfortunately, she is heartworm positive and when she heals from her spay, we will begin her treatment.  We think she is about 7 years old, and is now up to date on shots and has been spay.  Looking for love and kisses?  This is your girl!! Misty is being fostered in the Coastal Georgia area.
Misty has her furever home!

GGR is a 501(c)(3) organization and as such all donations are tax deductable to the fullest extent by law.
Gunner is a sweet 3 year boy. When Gunner was surrendered to Grateful Goldens he had lost almost all of his hair due to severe allergies. Grateful Goldens and some wonderful fosters spent 8 months diagnosing his allergies and helping him to recover. He is now on shots to desensitize him to his allergies and his hair is almost completely grown back. Gunner is ready for a home that will continue is monthly treatments and help him complete his recovery and become the golden he was meant to be.
Gunner is being fostered in the Charleston area.
This little guy was found scrounging around a gas station - the attendant said he'd been hanging around for several days.  He was extremely skinny and appeared to be looking for food.  When a good Samaritan opened her car door, he jumped right in, as if to say "will you take me home with you?"  He was covered in fleas and ticks, but still as sweet as could be.  After a bath to get rid of the fleas and ticks, they tried to feed him a little bit, but he seemed to choke on it and threw it back up.  They contacted us for help and we of course authorized veterinary care for him. 

Lani is a sweet 6 year old girl who came to GGR when her family had to move across the country. Lani is Heartworm negative and now up to date on her shots. She loves people, gets along well with other dogs and children. She loves to run on the beach. She is being evaluated for possible hip problems, but would love to find a family willing to help her though any problems we find. Lani is currently in the Charleston area.
Treasure and Diesel

Treasure, 14 and Diesel, 12, are very sweet girls who are mother and daughter. They came into rescue due to a change in their family's lifestyle. Since they are bonded, we would like to try and keep them together.  We are working with them to see if they could be adopted separately. They have both been vetted, brought current on shots and are in pretty good shape for their age, although both need to put on some weight. Treasure is H/W negative, but Diesel is H/W positive. and will begin her treatment soon. Treasure and Diesel are being fostered in the Charleston area.

Adoption Pending
Phoenix is an 18-month-old Golden mix, possibly mixed with a Collie.  He's tall and statuesque with a great personality.  Changes in life circumstances caused his family to have to give him up to GGRLC.  He's sweet and friendly, walks fairly well on a lead, has lived with a cat, and knows some basic commands.  He's smart, learns quickly, and loves to play.  If you're looking for a great companion, who can keep up with your physical activities or just lie around the house with you, look no further.  Phoenix could be the perfect dog for you.  He is up to date on shots, neutered, and heartworm negative. 

Phoenix is being fostered in the Charleston area. 

Toler (pronounced Toe-ler) is eleven years old, but acts like a much younger dog.  He is a beautiful boy with lots of energy, who loves everyone he meets.  He is used to living with another dog and a cat, but is content being an only dog as long as he gets plenty of attention and exercise.  His mom is taking a job overseas and will not be able to take him with her.  She has had him since he was a puppy and has reluctantly asked Grateful Goldens to find him a loving home.  Toler is healthy, up-to-date on shots, heartworm negative, and neutered.  He touches the hearts of everyone who meets him.  If you have the time to give him lots of attention and the energy to give him lots of exercise, send us your application today.  This beauty won't be here long.   

Toler is being fostered in the Charleston area.

Chilli is a beautiful 11 year old girl who was surrendered to the rescue when her family was moving and no reason was given why she couldn’t move along with them.  Part of their family since she was 5 weeks old, this girl lived outside all of her life except for one day when she was recovering from her spay.  Needless to say, this gal is quickly adjusting to being an inside dog as you can see by the pictures.  Chilli is up to date on her vaccines and now on flea and heartworm preventative and in good health.  Chilli was found to be heartworm positive and she has started her heartworm treatment.  This is a sweet and gentle girl who is great with other dogs, loves everyone she meets, and adores children.  Now that she has had a taste of the Golden life, she has her bags packed looking forward to continuing it in her forever home.  Chilli is being fostered in the Grand Strand Area.
Lucas is a very sweet, gentle 6 year old boy who was picked up as a stray and was close to being euthanized before GGRLC was able to get him.  He has had a tough life, with some injury evident in one leg and bird shot is embedded under his skin based on x-rays.  In spite of all this, Lucas is an incredibly loving boy who gets along great with people, children, other dogs and cats.  He is very laid back and content to be a house dog, although he loves his walks and time smelling all the outdoor smells on his screened porch.  He would make a great dog for an active retired family or a family that is looking for an older gentle dog that does not need much excercise. Because he loves to chase squirrels, birds and wander, a fenced yard would be best for him. As a result of his leg injury, he has some arthritis in one leg so a home without lots of stairs would be best even though he is doing well in his current foster home which is three stories.  He would love to find a family willing to foster with intent if he is not finished with his heartworm treatment or adopt him after he has finished his treatment. 

Lucas is being fostered in the Charleston area. 

**  Chilli qualifies for the Senior Assistance Program **
Adoption Pending!!!!
Treasure Has Her Furever Home!!!!
Adoption Pending!!!!
Chilli has her forever home!!!!
UPDATE: Lani's hip problems turned out to be much more extensive than we anticipated.  She has been diagnosed with bilateral medial patella laxations (MPLs), a left cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) tear, and bilateral hip dysplasia.  The cost to give this wonderful girl the quality life she deserves is between $4,000 and $5,000.  Although she has hip dysplasia, her biggest problem are her back knees which need to be rebuilt.  Lani has had surgery on one of her kness and she will be scheduled for surgery on her other knee shortly.  Golden Angels are needed to help with the cost of her surgery.  Please donate by clicking on the button below.  Thank you and Lani sends Golden kisses!!!!
Golden Angels Needed
Golden Angels Needed
Patrick & Julia Corbisiero
Gale Peek
Jody Clark
Julia Kelly
Kelly McCombs
Jeff Irby
Carol Fellner
John T. Barley, Jr.
Kathryn Edwards
Catherine Christman
Nancy Sheets
Stuart Walman
Elizabeth R. McAlpine
Amanda Thompson

Stormy is a big sweetie. His Dad died after having him all his life and the son ended up with him. Unfortunately the son didn't take care of him and neighbors would feed him. He ended up with Grateful Golden Rescue and we have been fostering him. He's more Yellow lab than golden (we don't hold that against him ;)) and he has a gentle personality. Loves walks, hanging out in a chair or next to you on the couch, car rides are #1 on his list, checking out the yard, great with kids, other dogs and our cat. He likes to tell you a story if you want him to. Someone who is looking for a laid back, older guy (he is about 8 1/2) who would make a great companion ...Stormy is the one.
Chad is a sweet 1 year old golden/chessie boy who was surrendered to a shelter by his family. Friends of the shelter contacted Grateful Goldens and asked if we could help. Although still a puppy, Chad quickly won the hearts of his foster family and anyone who meets him. Chad would do best with a family that can give him exercise to burn off some of his puppy energy and is willing to continue working with his training.

Chad is being fostered in the Florence area.
Brady is a 10 month old golden boy who was tearfully given up by his family because the older dog in the household would not accept him. Unfortunately, Brady is now afraid of other dogs and will need a family willing to work to get him properly socialized. Brady is a big cuddler and LOVES to be petted. He'll come up and put his head on your lap and ask for pets. He's still got puppy in him and his energy probably wouldn't be best for small children, but 10 or up should be fine. He does fine when his foster family isn't home and they say he is a sweetie and super responsive to commands.
Holly is a beautiful, approximately 5 year old girl who was recently a mother.  She was one of 3 sweet but confused adult golden girls, used for breeding then abandoned.  GGR was called by a concerned neighbor but her pups were not located.  Holly is doing well in her foster home, only wanting a human's hand on her but is very inquisitive about her new surroundings.  She is housebroken and likes chew toys.  Holly was a dear at her vet visit, as the doctor poked and prodded her.  His best guess is that she had puppies about 6 weeks ago.  She is still lactating and uneasy with young male dogs but that concern should disappear after her hormones level out. Holly is now up to date on all her shots, is HW negative and has been given monthly HW and flea preventative.  Her spay will be scheduled within the next couple of weeks.  Holly would appreciate a family who will let her be with them, walk her and play with her.  She will also adore quiet time, just lying by your side while you work or read.  If you have a desire for a soon to be Velcro girl, Holly is a great candidate!

Bryce is a 1 year old golden girl who came to Grateful Goldens because a family member was allergic to her. She is doing very well in her foster home and her foster family can't say enough good things about her. She is Heartworm negative and has been brought up to date on her shots. Once she has her spay, she will be ready for her furever home.

Bryce is being fostered in the Charleston area.

Murphy is a sweet calm 4 year old golden mix. If you are looking for a small golden, 32 lbs, Murphy is your girl. She is doing wonderfully in her foster home and loves to cuddle. She is up to date on shots, but is Heartworm positive, she has started her treatment. Once that is complete she will be ready for her furever home.

Murphy is being fostered in the Charleston Area
Brady has his furever home!!!!
Walter was picked up by Animal Control in Colleton County, SC.  He was undernourished, ravished by fleas with no hair on his tail & backend, and heartworm positive.  Shortly after GGR got him, two-year old Walter was hospitalized for a pulmonary embolism and congestive heart disease as a result of the severity of the heartworms - one of the worst cases GGR's vet has ever seen.  

We are happy to report that Walter's health has improved dramatically; he has
put on weight and his hair has grown back, but he still has a ways to go.  He
will receive his first HW treatment the middle of December.  Walter is a small,
happy boy with a big heart and lots of love to give.  He is very smart and has
learned to walk on a lead, sit, down, stay, and waits at the door until told to
go out.  He is a very sweet boy who just wants love and attention.  He needs a
family who is willing to foster with the intention to adopt him after his HW
treatment is complete. 

Walter is being fostered in the Charleston area. 

Holly Has Her Furever Home!!!!!
Bryce has her furever home!!!
UPDATE 12-30-15:For Christmas, Lani got her operation to rebuild her second knee. She handled it like a champ and is now recovering in her foster home. She will go back to the vet for a checkup in a couple of weeks. If she has a good checkup, then she just has to take it easy for a couple of months for the knee to completely heal. This has not been easy for Lani or her wonderful foster family. They are a young active family with another dog so keeping Lani calm has not always been easy, but they say she has been a wonderful patient and cannot wait for her to be fully recovered so they can adopt her.
Kelly: Sweet five month old Kelly was part of an adorable family of four puppies.  They played together and slept together and then one by one, her brother and two sisters were adopted.  Suddenly, Kelly was left all alone!

This may have been a good thing because Kelly was diagnosed with retained, or persistent deciduous teeth, and she had to undergo surgery to remove all of her puppy teeth.  This is a condition where the puppy teeth will not fall out and it can cause many problems with the adult teeth if it is not corrected immediately.  The cost for this procedure was $2,000.  But that was just the beginning!

We had hoped this surgery would allow her permanent teeth to come in normally..  Unfortunately, this did not happen.  Her adult teeth are coming in extremely crooked which can lead to other problems, namely, gingivitis, overbite, crowding, premature loss of adult teeth and difficulty eating.

Poor Kelly!  We must take action with further treatment so she has a chance at a normal life.  Kelly is scheduled to see a specialist to have additional work done including a retainer - for an additional cost of $3,000!  This will bring the vet bills for Kelly to $5,000.   That number has put a serious strain on our resources.  We are asking for Special Angels to assist with Kelly's medical bills so we can give her the normal life that this wonderful puppy deserves.  Take a look at this sweet face and then please make a donation to help Kelly!
Lucas Has His Furever Home!!!!
The "L" Puppettes

Laura, Leslie, & Lucy were found in rural Georgia.  We believe they are Golden/Lab mix.  Born around the middle of October, these girls are loving, sweet and full of energy.  House training is progressing, but they aren't quite there yet.  They are being fostered with multiple other dogs and love playing with all of them.  They are up to date on shots and will require one more set of shots around Feb. 8th.  They are crate trained and sleeping all night.  If you want to add lots of joy and love to your family, apply for one of the "L" puppettes today.

Adoption Pending!
Laura has her furever home!!!!!
Lucy has her furever home!!!!!
Kelly says "Thank You!" and sends lots of Golden kisses to her Special Angels!
Leslie has her furever home!!!!!
Walter has his furever home!!!!!
Bobby Simmons
Jana Madrigal
Frank Lepore
Bob Gum
Pamela Mihelic
Hammond Hicks, LLC
Sloan Wright
Dean Jennings / Herbert Williams Jr
Dayle Grimsley
Matt Prisby
Laurie Beaulieu
Karen Graham
Patrick York