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Grateful Goldens hopes you are having a great summer with plenty of time to spend
with friends and family including those with four feet and wagging tails!

To help keep our pets safe and cool here are a few tips:

  • Please keep in mind that all pets need to be inside during our hot and humid summers. If they have to be out for any length of time, be sure they have shade and plenty of water. 

  • Be aware of hot asphalt! When the temperature is 87 degrees outside, asphalt reaches 143 degrees. It can sizzle your skin, or your pet’s paws, and fry an egg in 5 minutes. Try this test: press your own bare hands or feet on sunny pavement for at least 7-8 seconds. If it is uncomfortable for you, then it is too hot for your dog. 

  • Don’t leave pets in your car – even for a short while. It can have devastating, if not fatal consequences. If you see a dog in a car, notify the store to make an announcement and call the police. Stay at the car till help arrives.

And, if you are looking for a furry friend to add to your summer fun, not just this year but for years to come - Grateful Goldens has some wonderful dogs waiting for their forever homes.  Please visit our Available Goldens to read their stories by clicking here.

Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the summer!

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