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Meet Two Special Puppies​

Preston and Megan are innocent, little puppies – and both are fortunate to be here. This brother and sister, now 15 weeks old, appear to be the result of a puppy mill or back yard breeder. This is usually the case when you see puppies born without limbs like sweet Megan. All too often they are killed, but these two made it to a shelter and as soon as we got the call, we rushed to get them. They were placed in a loving foster home to begin assessing their health with the promise to find forever homes for both of them. Since their arrival, these Golden mixes, have continued to grow. The vet thinks they are probably going to be on the small side - under 50 lbs.

Preston is not only cute, but he's a smart little guy who learns quickly! He’s a typical, energetic puppy who loves to run & plays fetch with a ball or other toys. The good news is that he does settle down and becomes sweet and loving – his "quiet time". In addition to Megan, Preston interacts well with all the other dogs in his foster home. Now this adorable puppy is ready to move on to his new, loving forever home. Are you looking for Puppy Love? Well, Preston is ready to share years of adventures, companionship, and love with some lucky family!

Megan is a happy, healthy puppy - except she had the misfortune of being born without front legs. But that has not stopped this determined little girl from “running” (scooting) around the yard and playing with Preston! Of course, we couldn't allow her to continue to get around this way, so her wonderful foster did some research and found a Boeing employee who offered to make a cart for Megan. She has just gone for her first fitting and will soon have her first set of “wheels”. We know this will be the first of many carts that she will need as she continues to grow. We are most grateful to this person we're calling: "Megan's Angel", for starting Megan off on a new and better way to get around. For now, she will continue to live with her foster mom, but we will keep you posted on little Megan’s progress.

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Preston and Megan
Preston is ready for his new home!
Sweet Megan will stay a lot cleaner once she has her cart!