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Angie Desperately Needed To Be Rescued - Can she be your Valentine?

Angie was found by animal control. She was cold, hungry and all alone in a rural area of South Carolina. Suddenly, she was in a truck, then locked in a cage with no idea what was happening to her. We saw her post the next day and immediately contacted the shelter. No one came for this sweet girl and Angie was heartworm positive. That meant she was not eligible for adoption – only rescue. All this for such a young dog!

Heartworm treatments are very expensive and some rescue groups don’t have the funds to pay for the treatments. But when they asked us if we still wanted her - Of course we said YES!

It’s because of supporters like you that we were able to rescue Angie!

When we picked her up, she came out with a wagging tail and a “Let’s go” attitude! From the minute she went into the volunteer’s home – she was great. Didn’t really care about the three dogs – just happy to be in a warm loving home. Angie blended in just as if she had been there all along. She was so good that choosing her name came easy – it would be Angie – short for Angel.

Several days later she went to the vets and the exam was going just fine. The vet estimated she was 1 year and 3 months – practically a puppy herself. But then we all got a surprise! It looked as if Angie might be pregnant. To be sure, an x-ray confirmed she was carrying at least three puppies and was due in about two weeks!

So off Angie went to our special volunteer who cares for mother dogs and puppies, puppies without mothers, and pregnant dogs like Angie. Then Angie had another surprise for us. She delivered right on time - but not three, four, five, or even six….. 

Angie had seven beautiful babies - here just two days old!

Thankfully, all the puppies are healthy, but with seven puppies and Angie facing heartworm treatments - our vet bills are mounting!
Exams, deworming and vaccines for 7 puppies will be around $1,700. For Angie, initial vet visits, x-rays, expensive heartworm treatments, meds and her spay will be much higher. So the vet bills will be close to $3,500 and could go as high as $4,200! 

Angie, and her adorable puppies, would like to be your Valentine!

        Angie would have given birth to 7 puppies out in the cold – or euthanized in a shelter if we had not rescued her!

Please help them by making a generous donation today!

We are blessed to have many wonderful supporters – we actually think of you as our extended Golden Family. Each time we have had a special need – you have responded. So, we are thanking you in advance for helping us give Angie, and her beautiful puppies, the chance at long, happy, and loving lives!

On behalf of Angie, and her puppies, little Tori says, “Thank you for helping us!”

Please note: We need to let you know that GGR has a waiting list of families wanting puppies. They will have to be considered first, so please do not send emails or applications at this time. If all the puppies are not adopted, we will post them on FB and our website. Thank you for your understanding!
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