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To re-cap some other information on him:

As a Golden/Great Pyrenees mix – Raz is BIG at 120 lbs. He has the size of a Great Pyrenees but many characteristics of a Golden as well. In other words, he is gentle and sweet.

Raz is at a wonderful training facility and he has proved to be an A student. He has readily learned many of the basic commands such as sit, stay, down, come, and heel. He even knows to sit and stay when the doorbell rings! 

Raz, who is about four, is basically a laid back dog. A fifteen minute walk works just fine for him and then he's happy to lay around the rest of the time. So it is safe to say that Raz is not an active dog seeking an active family. In fact, his trainer told us that his favorite command is … “Go to your bed!”

We are accepting applications for Raz. To help find his forever home, we are including some information that will help guide those interested and allow us to select the right home for this special boy.

Raz, our gentle giant, is doing well but is still waiting for his forever home. 

He has had several meet and greets with potential families and dogs but that special home has just not been found. 

During these meetings, we have learned a few more things about Raz. If he was to share a home with another dog, it needs to be a small dog who is either laid back like Raz or even a bit submissive. On the other hand, Raz is extremely loving and we think he would be very happy being the only dog. Perhaps with a man or woman who lives alone and is looking for a special companion. Raz might be just the dog for you!

▪ Ideally, someone who is retired or works from home 
▪ A fenced in yard 
▪ Family, or person, should live within a 125 mile radius of Myrtle Beach
▪ Must be willing to have a meet and greet and go through one training session with him in Myrtle Beach.

Raz gets along with everyone at the training facility but we know that he would love to finally have a forever home of his very own. If you are looking for a big dog with a heart to match and you meet the requirements to provide a perfect home – then Raz could be the perfect dog for you!