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Penny and her precious puppies are lucky to be alive. This is their special story.

Penny, an obvious stray, had been seen “around” for some time. Finally, Animal Control was called and picked her up. Penny was severely malnourished and she was pregnant! Shortly after arriving at the shelter she gave birth to 13 tiny puppies. Sadly, five were either still born or died shortly after birth and a sixth died the day before our foster picked them up. One more died after arriving at our foster home – they were only four days old. It’s a miracle that any of them survived because Penny was in such a weakened state.

Despite her own problems with malnutrition and being heartworm positive, Penny has been a remarkable and devoted mom and her puppies are flourishing. Petey, Phillip, Peyton, Patrick, Parker, & Phoebe, now six weeks old, are growing like weeds. They are eating dry puppy food, running, playing, & exploring outside. It has been a long six weeks for Penny, her puppies, and their exceptional foster mom, but the results could not be more perfect!

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Penny and Her Puppies
It may not be a surprise that we have a waiting list for puppies. But we wanted to share 'Penny and her Puppies' story with you. The year is still young and we most likely will have more puppies in the months ahead.