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For years, we have accepted dogs who had injuries and other health issues, but none like sweet Gunner. Now five, Gunner came to us three years ago, with such severe, untreated allergies that most of his hair was gone.

Because of his condition, we felt that it would be best for Gunner to be placed in a permanent foster home. We were fortunate to have found a wonderful foster family for him and, for the past three years, they have been diligent about getting him to specialists for treatments as well as making sure he receives a variety of medications and baths.

Unfortunately, personal circumstances have made it so that they can no longer keep Gunner and we are faced with having to find a new permanent foster family for him.

Gunner is a handsome, red boy who is rumored to be in the same bloodline as the Bush's Baked Beans dog, Duke. True or not, we can tell you that Gunner, despite his allergies, is a good-natured dog who loves to snuggle and take walks. He loves children, but has not been around other dogs in some time. He is also a great patient who never complains about his medications and quietly stands for his frequent baths.

An ideal situation for Gunner would be someone who stayed home -- someone who has experience caring for a dog with special needs and a big heart would qualify! There are some desired details about a future home that will help with his allergies and they can be discussed if you have a sincere interest in providing a permanent foster home for Gunner.

As you can see by the photos, Gunner has made progress as he now has a beautiful coat. But his allergies are still severe and must be carefully monitored. That doesn't mean you can't have fun with this special dog. He is guaranteed to steal the heart of the special person who steps up to provide him with a new home.

We need to find a new home for Gunner very soon, so if you are interested in adding Gunner to your family, or you know someone else who might be interested, please contact us at info@ggrlc.org. We will be waiting -- and so will Gunner!

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