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The family who adopted him adored him, but he was larger than they needed or could easily take care of. Currently, we have Raz at a wonderful training facility and he has proved to be an A student. He has readily learned many of the basic commands such as sit, stay, down, come, and heel. He even knows to sit and stay when the doorbell rings! 

We learned from his last foster that Raz, who is about four, is basically a laid back dog. A fifteen minute walk works just fine for him and then he's happy to lay around the rest of the time. When she took him to the dog park, Raz just sat there and watched all the other dogs run around. So it is safe to say that Raz is not an active dog seeking an active family. In fact, his trainer told us that his favorite command is … “Go to your bed!”

We are accepting applications for Raz and to help make this his final adoption, we are including some information that will help guide interested families and allow us to pick the right family for this special boy.

  • Ideally, a retired couple or someone who works from home 
  • A fenced in yard is required
  • Family must live in the Myrtle Beach to Charleston area
  • Family must be willing to have a meet and greet and go through one training session with him in Myrtle Beach.

Raz, our gentle giant, is back with GGR.

This boy is exceptional in many ways and that starts with his size. As a Golden/Great Pyrenees mix – Raz is BIG at 130 lbs. He has the size of a Great Pyrenees but many characteristics of a Golden as well. In other words, he is gentle and sweet.
In his original home, Raz lived with a Pomeranian whom he loved - even allowing her to take food out of his bowl. His foster had a Golden. His adopted family did not have another dog.

Raz gets along with everyone at the training facility but we know that he would like to finally have a forever home of his very own. If you are looking for a big dog with a heart to match and you meet the requirements to help us find his perfect home – then Raz could be the perfect dog for you!