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Golden Retriever in a park

Surrender a Golden

Grateful Goldens Rescue's mission is to help Golden Retrievers in need. We recognize that things can and do change in people's lives and you may be faced with no other choice except to find a new home for your Golden. For many people, this is an extremely upsetting and often traumatic time. 


You can feel confident that a GGR adoption gives him or her the ABSOLUTE best chance to live out a full and enjoyable life with the best possible family, matched to his or her needs. We follow up on our adopted Goldens routinely. If at any time in the Golden's life the adopting family cannot keep him, our adoption agreement requires that they return him to GGR.


While the information we ask you may seem incredibly detailed, being able to provide the new family with as much information will be immensely helpful. Knowing your Golden's favorite words, toys, or games, for example, can ease the transition in a new home because we can then provide familiar, trusted things.  We do not simply find your dog a new home but find them a new family to be part of.

Please download the Release of Ownership Form below, fill it out, and email to and we will contact you.

Thank you for trusting us with your Golden.

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