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Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our wonderful Goldens. Due to an abundance of applications, Grateful Goldens Rescue only accepts applications in the South Carolina areas of the Grand Strand, Lowcountry, Columbia and of Coastal Georgia. In addition, we require a completed adoption application (found on the Adopt page) to start the process. After that, we will contact you. We look forward to working with you to find the right Golden for your family!


The "A" Litter

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Meet 2 of Nala's precious litter, the sweet "A" puppies, who are anxiously waiting to meet their forever families!

Nala delivered an evenly split litter. The "girl team" included Abby, Adele, Alicia, Amara, and Arya. The "boy team" included Aiden, Alex, Asa, Ash, and Axel. These pups are healthy, active and their little personalities are just blossoming.

Now 6 months old, the 2 remaining available pups have had all their puppy shots and are now neutered. These boys are ready for their forever homes!

Axel 032722.jpg

If you would like to make one of these sweet pups part of your loving family , please contact us at or call 843-628-4033.


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Josie, an active 2 1/2-year-old girl, was surrendered by a family who didn’t have time for her. She is sweet, affectionate, and smart. Josie is up to date on her vaccines, heartworm negative, and spayed.

Josie would enjoy a big backyard where she could play. She loves to play ball, go on runs or walks, swim, and visit the dog park so an active individual or family would be ideal for her.


Josie would be best in a one dog household or a home with another dog who is compatible with her. Still very much a puppy, older children would be best.

Josie is being fostered in the Savannah, GA area.

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Rex down 2 cropped.jpg

Rex, estimated to be about 1 year old, is a handsome Golden mix that was picked up as a stray. He is very well behaved and calm for his age. He has good house manners, and he can be left alone without getting into trouble. Rex is good with other dogs and loves children.

Rex’s foster recently sent this great update on him:

“I can't say enough good things about this dog.  He is the sweetest dog, loves to give affection, and is incredibly well behaved for any age dog let alone such a young dog.  He is housebroken and uses the doggie door when he needs to go out.  He loves to lay out in the yard even on hot days.  He likes playing tug of rope and absolutely adores young kids.  He doesn't get on the furniture or pull food off counters.


I've been trying to get him comfortable swimming, but he's not a big fan. He loves playing with other dogs and going on walks.  He is very laid back and quiet. I have not seen even one bad habit from him.  He really seems too perfect to be true.”

Rex is a healthy boy that is up to date on his vaccines, and he is heartworm negative. He is scheduled to be neutered soon and, once recovered, will be ready for his forever home.

Rex is being fostered in the Savannah, GA area.

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Missy down.jpg

Missy is a sweet 1-year-old golden mix female. On the small side, about 50 lbs., she is up to date on vaccines, spayed, and heartworm negative. She is loving with women, children, and other dogs.


Unfortunately, Missy was treated harshly by a man and has understandably developed a fear of men. For this reason, we feel she needs a home without a man in the house, but one where she can be slowly introduced to men to build trust. She would also do best in a home with a fenced-in yard, preferably with a tall fence.

Missy is being fostered in Brunswick, GA.

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Nala, is a sweet, 4 year old Golden mix out of rural Georgia that found her way into rescue and thankfully so. At her initial vet visit we discovered that she was pregnant with ten puppies--what a Holiday Season surprise! Within a couple of weeks, Nala delivered ten healthy puppies that are now thriving. She has been a great mom to her pups.

Nala is fully vaccinated, and spayed. We are happy that she will never have to worry about having more puppies again. Nala is heartworm positive and has started her heartworm treatment.

Nala is being fostered in Coastal GA.

Adoption Pending!🐾
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Maria sitting.png

Maria is a 4-year-old female golden mix and a sweet, loving girl. She would do best in a home where she is the only dog since she likes to be the center of attention. Maria is up to date on her vaccines and scheduled to be spayed soon. After she recovers from her spay, she will then need to go through heartworm treatment.


Maria is looking for a family who is willing to foster her through her heartworm treatment with the option of adopting her when she is heartworm free. A home with a fenced yard would be ideal.

Maria is being fostered in Charleston.

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Adoption Pending!🐾

Maddie and Cotton

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Maddie new 1.jpg

Maddie and Cotton came to us when their family was no longer able to care for them. Maddie is 11 years old and weighs 65 pounds and Cotton is 12 years old and a big boy at 95 pounds. Both are up to date on their vaccines, spayed and neutered, and heartworm negative. They are a bonded pair and would be best in a loving home that can accommodate both.

Maddie is a sweet girl who loves children, craves attention, and loves to go on long walks on the leash. She gets along well with other dogs, loves to play with her canine housemates, but has not been exposed to cats. Maddie has excellent house manners aside for being a bit to eager to bark when she hears a strange noise.

Cotton is a true aging gentleman. He knows his basic commands, loves to sit in the sun on the stone patio, and cannot contain his excitement when it is time to take a walk. He has some hip stiffness that has been significantly improved with supplements and he still has plenty of energy for a senior. Cotton’s favorite activity is wrestling with his 4-year-old foster brother.

These are two seriously sweet, low maintenance dogs, or what we like to call "fireside" Goldens, that are ready for their forever home.

Maddie and Cotton are being fostered in the Charleston area.


Adoption Pending!🐾
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Cotton new 1.jpg
Maggie standing.tif

Magnolia (Maggie)

Magnolia, about 3 years old, is a sweet, small girl around 42 pounds, who is clearly a blend of several breeds. Found in early February on the side of a rural road, cold and emaciated, Maggie sadly lost her puppies due to her condition. An incredibly Good Samaritan immediately got her to a vet’s office on a Friday evening. These vets worked diligently to get her stabilized and into surgery to give her a fighting chance for a good life.

By mid-February, Magnolia, now called Maggie, joined several other GGR fosters and alumni to be pampered and showered with love. Although an outside dog previously, she is doing well with housetraining, crate training and learning appropriate house manners. Maggie goes out on leash, comes when called, and adores treats. She gives shy kisses, will cuddle on the sofa but also just enjoys stretching out on the floor beside your chair. Maggie has had all her vaccines, spayed, and is currently undergoing her heartworm treatment. She would love to have a forever home where she can finish her heartworm treatment and complete her transition from a castaway to being a beloved pet.

Maggie is being fostered in Florence, SC.

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Maggie Has Her Forever Home!🐾


Sadie laying down cropped.jpg

Sadie is a 7-½ year old golden who came to us when her family was no longer able to provide her the life she deserved. A sweet and very loving girl, she loves to snuggle in bed in the mornings, likes to play with her toys, and enjoys long walks on the leash with her foster brother.

Sadie is heartworm negative, spayed and up to date on all her shots and she is learning her basic commands. Sadie loves kids and tolerates other dogs but would be best suited in a single dog household with a fenced in yard. Although she can be stubborn at times and may bark occasionally when she wants something, she has impeccable house manners and is a true joy to have around.

Sadie is being fostered in the Charleston area. 

Sadie head shot.jpg
Sadie Has Her Forever Home!🐾