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Golden Retriever laying down in grass


Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our wonderful Goldens. Due to an abundance of applications, Grateful Goldens Rescue only accepts applications in the South Carolina areas of the Grand Strand, Lowcountry, Columbia and of Coastal Georgia. In addition, we require a completed adoption application (found on the Adopt page) to start the process. After that, we will contact you. We look forward to working with you to find the right Golden for your family!



Derek 101723.jpg

Derek is the last of Wanda's puppies looking for his forever home. He about 8 months old, up to date on his vaccines, neutered, and just a great little guy waiting to become a loving member of his forever family. Are you ready to open your heart and home to this sweetheart and shower him with love and a safe home to grow up in?

Derek would love the companionship of another canine so if you are looking to add another dog to your family, Derek is your boy!

He has his bags packed and waiting to hear from you!

Derek 101723 2 cropped.jpg
Derek cropped & flipped.jpeg


Holiday Princess.jpg

Princess is a cute 8 year old Golden mix girl, who weighs 54 lbs. and is blessed with the most adorable ears! She is up to date on vaccines, has been spayed, and heartworm negative.


Princess loves going for walks and playing games that involve treats. She would much rather be with her people than play with other dogs so being the only dog in a home would suit her just fine. Although she displays some separation anxiety, it can be managed.


Princess is really hoping that someone will open their heart and home to her. Will it be yours? 💖

Princess is being fostered in the Savannah area.

Princess down cropped.jpg
Princess 101823 cropped.jpg


Miles 2.png
Miles as a puppy.png

My puppy pic!

Miles, a handsome 4-year-old Golden boy, was surrendered when his owners wer no longer able to care for him. He is a sweet and active boy who is up to date on vaccines, neutered, and heartworm negative.


Miles weighs in at 110 lbs. and we will be working to get him down to a healthy 85 lbs. Thankfully he is enjoying his green beans and weight management food. He will be seeing a specialist to address a bad left rear knee although he is currently not showing any signs of being in pain.


It appears that Miles has led a sheltered life as everything is new to him and he is embracing it like a puppy in a new world! 

Miles is being fostered in Myrtle Beach.

Matched for Adoption!💙🐾


Finley 010724.jpg

Finley, at just over 2 years old, was sadly surrendered by his owners to keep him safe after he learned how to circumvent their electronic gates. Finley is a sweet golden boy who had spent most of his life amusing himself in a large, fenced, country yard.

Since coming into GGR, Finley is quickly learning the fun of living in a house and playing with his foster brothers.  He is learning his commands, walking on leash and is adjusting to city and neighborhood sounds.  Finley will relax on the sofa, getting pets while you watch TV, which will fascinate him especially if there are sirens or barking dog.

Finley by tree cropped_edited.jpg
Finley with Blue.jpg

Finley weighs 65 lbs., is neutered, up to date on shots and heartworm negative. He is crate trained and will quietly spend the night crated in your bedroom. He has his bags packed and waiting to hear from you!


Finley is currently being fostered in the Charleston area.

Finley on his back cropped.jpg

Silly boy!

Adoption Pending! 💙🐾


Holiday Griffin.jpg
Griffin down cropped.jpg

Griffin’s past is not a great one, though you would never know it with his amazing disposition. He is an adorable Golden mix estimated to be 4-6 years old that is up-to-date on his vaccines, neutered, and has completed his heartworm treatment. Although his teeth are quite worn, he will be having some dental work soon.


This fun, loving boy is always so happy with a wagging tail and big smile. Griffin loves walks, car rides, porch sitting, and a good couch snuggle. Great with cats and kids, he is good with female dogs and, with slow introductions, he does well with submissive male dogs.

Griffin has his bags packed and is ready for his forever home. Will it be yours?


Griffin is being fostered in Mt. Pleasant.

Griffin head shot.jpg
Griffin sofa cropped.jpg
Adoption Pending!💙🐾


Tiger head shot.jpg
Tiger and friends.jpg

Tiger and friends

Tiger is a handsome 5-year-old Golden who was a much-loved boy that was surrendered to the rescue. His owners have a busy life with young children and felt they just didn’t have the proper amount of time to devote to him. Wanting to do the best for him, they made the difficult decision to let him come into rescue where he would get the attention he deserves.


Tiger is a small and active Golden boy at only 43 lbs. who is up to date on vaccines, neutered, and heartworm negative.


Tiger is very sweet and is getting acclimated in his foster home and enjoying a lot of attention.

Tiger is being fostered in the Columbia area.

Tiger Has His Forever Home!💙🐾
Tiger in boat.jpg
Tiger sit.jpg



Brewer is a handsome 1 1/2 year-old Golden who was a much loved boy that was tearfully surrendered to the rescue by his owners due to changes in the home. He is a sweet and active boy who is up to date on vaccines, neutered, and heartworm negative.


Brewer is quickly getting comfortable in his foster home and enjoying playing with his new Golden foster sibling. 


This boy is your typical Golden boy who is very loving and eager to please.

Brewer is being fostered in Hilton Head.

Brewer Has His Forever Home! 💙🐾


Casey holiday 1.jpg

Casey is the definition of a sweet boy. About a year old, he weighs 40 lbs and is up to date on vaccines, neutered, and great in his crate. He is a shadow dog and loves his person. Everyone who meets him falls in love with not just his looks but calm, loving demeanor.


Casey is very submissive with other dogs and, while shy at first, he warms up quickly and loves to play. He is great at playing fetch, loves cuddles, any attention, and he will gladly provide you with lots of kisses.


While he is still unsure about the world and car rides he just needs a person to give him some reassurance and then he is ok. His perfect situation would be an older person or couple with a fenced in backyard and ideally another dog as he loves the companionship of another canine which helps his confidence.


Casey has his bags packed and ready for his forever home and he hopes it will be yours!

Casey Has His Forever Home!💙🐾
Casey Holiday 7.jpg


Missy down.jpg

Missy is a sweet 1-year-old golden mix female. On the small side, about 50 lbs., she is up to date on vaccines, spayed, and heartworm negative. She is loving with women, children, and other dogs.


Unfortunately, Missy was treated harshly by a man and has understandably developed a fear of men. For this reason, we feel she needs a home without a man in the house, but one where she can be slowly introduced to men to build trust. She would also do best in a home with a fenced-in yard, preferably with a tall fence.

Missy is being fostered in Savannah, GA.

Missy standing_edited.jpg
Missy Has Her Forever Home!💖🐾


Sophie 1 cropped.jpg
Sophie 2 cropped.jpg

Sofie, a sweet 5-year-old Golden girl, was surrendered because her owner was not able to provide her with the care she needed. She is an absolute sweetheart and is up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, and has just been spayed.


Sofie, who weighs 67 lbs., is slowly adjusting to a new environment different from the one she's known for her first five years. She is showing some separation anxiety but time and patience will help her through the transition. In the meantime, she is affectionate, playful and is quickly bonding to her people and becomes their shadow.


Sofie loves her tennis ball and will play throw and fetch like a champ returning the ball to you each time. She also loves chasing the squirrels in the yard. Not a fan of thunderstorms, Sofie responds to a calming agent and her people nearby to feel safe.

Sofie is being fostered in Myrtle Beach.

Sophie 3 cropped.jpg
Sofie Has Her Forever Home!💖🐾



Say hello to our lovely Miss Wanda. She came into our Rescue as her owners had to move and were not able to take her. Grateful Goldens of course took her in and waited expectantly for her to deliver. And, wow, did she! Nine gorgeous puppies and Wanda was phenomenal during her delivery. She was the perfect mom taking care of her puppies and helping her foster mom however she could. She is very personable, loves her people and puppies and is a very relaxed girl, ready for a nice play date, walk or just some time on the couch.


Wanda has earned some time of her own and would love to become part of your family. She has started her heartworm treatment and would love to be placed in her forever home while going through her treatment Are you ready to invite her to be part of your family?

Wanda is being fostered in Pawleys Island


Wanda Has Her Forever Home! 💖

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