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Golden Retriever laying down in grass


Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our wonderful Goldens. Due to an abundance of applications, Grateful Goldens Rescue only accepts applications in the South Carolina areas of the Grand Strand, Lowcountry, Columbia and of Coastal Georgia. In addition, we require a completed adoption application (found on the Adopt page) to start the process. After that, we will contact you. We look forward to working with you to find the right Golden for your family!



Ozzy Freedom Ride.jpg

Ozzie's Freedom Ride from Shelter

Ozzy close up.jpg

Ozzie is a 1-year-old Golden/Great Pyrenees mix who came to us several weeks ago from a shelter in Georgia. He is a healthy, energetic 62 lb. boy who is heartworm negative, up to date on all vaccines, and was recently neutered. Ozzie is a long and lean boy who will undoubtably add some more weight as he matures.

Ozzie, who loves everyone, is great with kids. He is fine with other dogs once he gets settled into his new space. Ozzie loves attention and quickly bonds to whoever is going to be his primary in the household. If you sit, he will move to get in your lap. Ozzie is a very smart boy who walks well on leash and is quickly learning his basic commands.

Although a bit of a counter surfer, he is learning to leave that bad habit behind him.

If you are looking for a lovable boy who will shower you with affection, Ozzie is your guy.

Ozzie is being fostered in the Charleston area.

Ozzy sit.jpg
Ozzy standing cropped.jpg


Indy in his bed.jpg

Indy is a handsome red Golden boy, weighing 50 lbs. and he is estimated to be 7-8 based on his teeth but his activity level is more like 4.


Sweet Indy can be quite needy and will soak up as much attention as he can get. He isn’t fond of thunder but he is not destructive and just wants to be in your lap. His teeth are somewhat worn on the front vertical surface, as though he was rubbing up against metal.


Indy is up to date on his vaccines and neutered. Although heartworm positive when he came into rescue, he has now completed his treatment and he is ready for adoption. He would love to be the only dog in a household.

Indy's medical issues have been addressed and he is doing great. He is now ready for his forever home. Will it be yours?💙


Indy is being fostered in the Savannah area.


Kiera lovingly watching over a small child.💖


Kiera down cropped.jpg
Kiera in bed.jpg

Keira is a purebred female Golden Retriever surrendered to the rescue by her owner. Sadly, she had a 16 year old boy of her own to love that she really misses. Kiera, a gorgeous red girl, is approximately 6 years old, weighs about 50 lbs., spayed, up to date on vaccines, and heartworm negative.

Kiera is a great dog that loves people and is very affectionate. She loves to be petted, will come lay her head in your lap, and is content to just be near you.

Keira walks well on a leash and enjoys being outdoors. She is a calm girl that enjoys playing with toys and her foster sister. When not playing, she loves her chew bone. Keira does well with other dogs and children, even very small children, providing a watchful eye over them! 💖


Keira is a turn-key girl that would be a great addition to any home -- she just wants someone to love and someone to love her. And if it is a male … 😁!


Kiera is currently being fostered in the

Savannah area.

Adoption Pending!💖🐾
Kiera and baby.jpg


Missy down.jpg

Missy is a sweet 1-year-old golden mix female. On the small side, about 50 lbs., she is up to date on vaccines, spayed, and heartworm negative. She is loving with women, children, and other dogs.


Unfortunately, Missy was treated harshly by a man and has understandably developed a fear of men. For this reason, we feel she needs a home without a man in the house, but one where she can be slowly introduced to men to build trust. She would also do best in a home with a fenced-in yard, preferably with a tall fence.

Missy is being fostered in Brunswick, GA.

Missy standing_edited.jpg
Adoption Pending!💖🐾


Honey chair cropped.jpeg
Honey curled up in golf cart.jpg

Honey is a beautiful 1 year 3-month-old Golden Lab girl -- dad was 100% Golden Retriever and mom was a 100% Lab. Her owner felt she wasn’t getting enough attention, so he contacted us. Mostly kept in a pen with a doghouse outside, Honey is now loving being in a home and enjoying the company of her fosters and foster siblings.

Honey weighs about 60 lbs., is housetrained, up to date on vaccines, spayed, and heartworm negative. She enjoys playing with her foster siblings, likes riding in a car/truck, loves her ball and is learning to play with stuffed toys. Honey doesn’t like the crate but has proven herself house worthy for up to 5 hours when left with her foster siblings. She sleeps well in her fosters’ room at night and now happily does the “belly up” to get rubbed when walking by her.

Honey is being trained to walk daily with a harness and will need continued practice but is she is doing well. As most dogs who have been kept outside, countertops are interesting to her so keeping things clean and out of reach is important.

While playing, Honey landed in the fosters’ pool once, but she didn’t panic and swam to the side. She hasn’t shown any further interest but the fosters feel that, if coaxed, she may enjoy swimming. Honey has been exposed to children as young as 7 years and did fine. Since she is on the larger size, older children may be better.

With time, attention, and training, Honey will make a great addition to someone who is looking to give love and get lots in return. 💖

Honey walking cropped.jpg
Honey sleeping cropped.jpeg
Honey Has Her Forever Home!💙🐾


Saylor sitting cropped.jpg
Saylor belly rub.jpg

Saylor enjoying a belly rub!

Saylor is a female Golden Retriever-Great Pyrenees mix who is approximately 3 years old, spayed, and weighs about 50 lbs. She was rescued, along with her “brother” Red, from a hoarding, puppy mill situation and lived outside in a large pen. Saylor is the dominant one of the pair and a barker. She and Red have been fortunate to be fostered by a wonderful trainer that has introduced them to a world of compassionate people and friendly dogs.

Saylor has learned to enjoy human touch, especially being touched and rubbed when learning to trust you. She will come up and lick your hands and take treats from you. Saylor has come a long way and loves to be brushed and get tummy rubs. She is learning to leash walk, sit, lie down, is crate trained, and should be crated when not supervised. Saylor would do best with another playful dog and a secure yard with a fence 5 to 6 ft.

A sweet and gentle dog, Saylor would love for someone to help her continue her journey to becoming someone’s beloved companion and share her life with!

Saylor is being fostered in Bluffton, SC.

Saylor & Red Have Their Forever Home!💙🐾👏


Red is a male Golden Retriever, Great Pyrenees, Poodle mix, that is approximately 3 years old, neutered, and weighs about 55 lbs.  Rescued from a hoarding, puppy mill situation, he lived outside in a large pen with his “sister” Saylor. Red and Saylor have been fortunate to be fostered by a wonderful trainer that has introduced them to a world of compassionate people and friendly dogs.

Although fearful, Red is very gentle, and he is bonded with Saylor. He would do best with another dog that is confident.  He has learned to enjoy human touch, especially being touched and rubbed when learning to trust new people.  He will lick your hands and take treats from you. Red is learning leash walking and his sit and down commands. He is crate trained and should be crated when unsupervised. A patient individual who is familiar with hoarding/puppy mill dogs and has a secure yard with a fence at least a 5 ft. would be ideal for Red.

Red, a sweet and gentle dog, is looking for someone to help him continue his journey to becoming someone’s best buddy and to share his life with!

Red is being fostered in Bluffton, SC.

* With just the right home, Saylor and Red could be adopted as a bonded pair. They truly love to play and to be together. They have come a long way and will need continued behavior and obedience work.

Red with his BFF Saylor

Red and Abby cropped.jpg

Red enjoying a good belly rub!

Saylor and Red good.jpg
Red & Saylor Have Their Forever Home!💙🐾👏


Ace headshot cropped.jpg

Ace is an adorable 10-year-old golden boy whose owner sadly passed away. He really is the classic Golden Retriever: incredibly sweet and immediately loves everyone he meets.


Ace is a healthy boy who up-to-date on vaccines, neutered, and heartworm negative. He knows all the basic commands and is very well behaved. He walks perfectly on a leash and doesn’t pull at all, which is impressive because he’s a big boy at about 96 lbs. He’s a little overweight for his size but that hasn’t slowed him down. He’s always ready for a walk and never turns down a game of fetch with his plush toys.


Ace also has an affinity for classical music 🎼, and it’s really sweet to see him immediately at ease whenever his music comes on. He gets along great with other dogs and his foster family says he’s good about matching everyone’s energy— if anyone wants to play, he’ll play and if everyone wants to relax, he’ll relax, too. Ace is allowed to roam free in the house along with their dog when they have to leave, and he has never gotten into any mischief. He loves getting pets and attention, and you know he’s comfortable and happy when he picks up a Benebone to chew at the end of the day.


This gentle boy deserves the best home and is the ideal choice for anyone looking for an instant best friend. 💙🐕🐾

Ace sitting cropped.jpg
Ace Has His Forever Home!💙🐾


Tatum sleeping.jpg
Tatum laying down by fence cropped.jpg

Tatum is a young female Golden mix, estimated at 10 months old, who found herself in a rural shelter and sadly unclaimed. With her sweet temperament, she became a shelter favorite and GGR quickly brought her into rescue. Tatum is a healthy girl who weighs about 65 lbs., is up to date on all vaccines, spayed, and heartworm negative. On the large size, she may have some Anatolian Shepherd due to her darker face, smaller ears, long legs, curly tail, and her guard dog bark.


Adapting very well in her foster home, they shared that she has done well with a bath and grooming. Obvious that she hasn’t had any training, they are working on basic commands. Tatum is also getting daily walks using a harness to acclimate her to walking on leash and is improving every day, although she loves to stop and watch other dogs, cats, and squirrels. Crated only when the fosters are gone, Tatum has free roam of the home and loves to sleep in the sunroom at night on her favorite loveseat.


Tatum is very loving, plays well with other dogs, loves chew toys, and makes herself comfortable on any available horizontal surface. She would do well in a home with a fenced in yard where she has room to run.

Tatum is being fostered in the Brunswick area.

Tatum outside coat cropped.jpg
Tatum 010523.jpg
Tatum Has Her Forever Home!💖🐾


Ash 2 cropped.jpg

Can you imagine having sweet Ash

in your home?

Ash was born just  two weeks after GGR rescued his mother, Nala in November 2021. Nala is a Golden/Great Pyrenees and the dad is a German Shepherd.  Handsome Ash is the remaining pup from this litter.

Ash is inquisitive and he adores hands-on affection from people. Now 10 months old, it’s hard to remember he is just a puppy as he weighs around 80 pounds! Ash has good house manners. He is good with other dogs, we’re not sure about cats. This young boy can keep himself amused for hours with various toys (for hard chewers!). To help his transition, Ash is currently in a board and train facility and he would love to go right from training to his forever home. He truly is a sweetie and promises to be incredible when he completes his training.

Ash has won our hearts so if a big, friendly, well-trained puppy is on your wish list – please get in touch with us. Ash is waiting!

Ash is being fostered in the Florence area. 

Ash in a sit at training.jpg
Ash Has His Forever Home!💙🐾


Beau with friend cropped.jpg
Beau head shot.jpg

Beau is a small 1 yr. old purebred Golden Retriever who is a great dog that is affectionate with people. He loves to sit with you and be petted or have his tummy scratched. Beau weighs 57 lbs., is up to date on shots, neutered, and heartworm negative.

Beau plays well with other dogs in neutral environments like daycare or a dog park as long as there is nothing to claim such as toys or pinecones. He has resource guarding issues with anything he considers as his. It can be specific chewies or bones or anything he gets a hold of that he does not wish to relinquish. Beau has been trained to a remote training collar that must be used if you need to get anything from him. He will growl, guard, or snap otherwise. "Leave it" is his cue and he is responsive to the cue along with the collar. Beau will occasionally trade his valued resource for a treat or just drop or ignore the item but not consistently.

Rules are very important for Beau and his forever home. He knows all the basic obedience commands, walks on an Easy Walk harness and martingale collar. Beau waits for permission for everything including his food and crate. The training collar should be on all day and removed only at night for charging. Consistent training and work are necessary for Beau to keep him and others safe. He wants to please and is very loving. He will make a wonderful and sweet pet with these rules.

Beau needs to be in a home with no other dogs, no children, and requires an owner with very good dog skills. Working with Beau and his trainer, before adopting him, is a requirement.

Beau is being fostered in the Bluffton area.

Beau sit cropped.jpg
Beau showing belly.jpg
Beau Has His Forever Home!💙🐾
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