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“My wife and I were fortunate enough to adopt one of your dogs last August, Charlie! Since then we've grown more in love with him by the day and find ourselves constantly saying "I can't believe he's ours." I wanted to reach out and say thank you for rescuing him. He's changed our lives in so many ways...all for the better.

We'd like to donate if at all possible to the cause and help other families fall in love with their golden like we have with Charlie.

Also, curious if you by any chance had pictures from when he was rescued? Would love to add them to his scrapbook!"

~ Christopher Mortimer adopted Charlie in August 2020

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Anna Zuloaga

"I absolutely love being a foster caregiver for GGRLC! Such a rewarding and amazing experience to be a part of Highly recommend to anyone looking to be a part of some amazing pups' lives!"

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“I first learned about Grateful Goldens in 2014, when a friend adopted one of the most special dogs that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Several months later I signed up as a volunteer for events, to help this wonderful group and to also get my “dog fix”.  Beyond falling in love with all of the dogs I became amazed by the selfless acts of the volunteers that I came into contact with – truly wonderful people who give so much personal time and effort into making sure that all of these animals receive a precious 2nd or 3rd chance at a great life.  I saw how much time was invested to save these dogs, from transportation, to getting them to foster homes, to the actual fostering, taking care of medical and special needs, visiting homes of potential adopters, etc.  This is a group of people who put so much time, effort and energy into this cause.  In the fall of 2015 I met one of the available dogs at an event.  His name was Lucas and he was special to me immediately.  I ended up adopting him later that year and we shared 5 wonderful years together.  We attended events together and he had a great second chapter of his life.  I will forever be thankful to Grateful Goldens for working tirelessly to save him when he was an abandoned, sick dog at a shelter in Aiken.  Through their efforts that sweet dog was saved and in many ways saved me.”

~ Beth Trafford adopted Lucas in 2015

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Deborah Maynard

"We've been fostering for over 8 years! Fostering is a great way to help out .....we've had over 50 so far and only kept 3"

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"I have been associated with GGR for many years. I have worked closely with Virginia Pearson and Chris Dumas. Even though I was a golden owner before I discovered GGR, my last two were GGR adoptees. Unfortunately I am only able to handle one golden at this time, or I probably would have many more! GGR is so very caring and supportive. I live in SE Georgia, and wish I was closer to attend and support many of the adoptive events in the local South Carolina area. I am very grateful that Virginia is so close and was able to assist. The web site is handled extraordinarily well. Clear and concise information and pictures. Many thanks to all involved in the organization."

~ Trish McMillan adopted Kylie and Georgia (Jordan) from GGR

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Jennifer Buckhalt Mieras

"We just lost Huger a month ago (14.5 yo) and L.C. in September (12 yo). So grateful for our beautiful Golden’s from Grateful Golden Retriever Rescue of the Low Country. They taught our family so much about love and joy. We miss them so much."

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"We have been blessed to have been able to work through Grateful Goldens of the Low Country to become proud permanent caretakers of two Goldens, first Barnes and then Biscuit. While each have their own unique personality, both share a lovable, family-oriented disposition. A big heart; eager to please.

The folks at Grateful Golden are special people who work hard every day to find homes for these lovable dogs, taking extra care to match their Goldens with the right family.

We honor and celebrate their efforts."

~ Tom Leath and Cathy Christman adopted Barnes in 2009 (top) and Biscuit in 2014 (bottom).

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“We have been blessed to adopt two sweet golden retrievers from GGRLC: Maizie who passed away three years ago, and our current dog, Sadie who is 10 years old. The volunteers at GGRLC who rescue, rehabilitate, and foster abandoned, abused and neglected Golden’s are simply angels. They take dogs with complex health issues as well as dogs like Sadie, who are “seniors” who have been given up by their owners when they need a family the most. Thr GGRLC team fundraises year round and we’ve been so glad to volunteer at their events. We started a baking business, Maizie’s Cakes, named after our first GGRLC alum, who loved to counter surf when we were baking! A portion of all of our profits goes to GGRLC in Maizie’s memory. If you adopt a dog from GGRLC you can be assured that they’ve screened the dog and you to be sure it is a good match for both ! And if you support GGRLC with a donation of your time or money, I can promise you that you are helping an amazing organization and saving the lives of sweet Golden’s who want nothing more than a loving home.“

~ Maggie Thompson and family adopted Maizie (top) and Sadie (bottom) from GGR

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Help Grateful Goldens Rescue continue its mission --

Celebrating 20 Years of
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