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Grateful Goldens Rescue operates with a network of volunteers and foster homes. We do not have a facility; therefore, all dogs that come into rescue are fostered in a home environment.

Our foster homes and adoptive families are the heart and soul of our rescue.

Every foster home saves a dog by providing a temporary haven -- without foster homes to care for them, we cannot bring dogs into rescue. Every adoptive family can be said to save two dogs: the dog they adopt by giving it a loving forever home, and the next dog that is saved because a foster home is now available to care for him until he finds his home. 

Who should consider fostering?

If you have been considering the addition of a dog to the family but are not able to make a lifelong commitment - fostering may be for you. 


If you are missing the companionship of having a dog but are not in the area permanently, maybe in school, the military, etc. and now is not the time to commit to a full-time dog - fostering may be for you.


If you are retired and are only in the area part-time or travel periodically but miss having a fur presence in your home - fostering may be for you.


If you are responsible and want to provide a loving, safe home for a Golden in need - fostering may be for you.

What does a foster home do?

Foster homes provide a safe, clean, and nurturing family environment to a Golden who has been abused, abandoned, neglected, or surrendered by its owner. As a foster home, you are asked to provide a Golden with indoor living conditions, some basic obedience skills, and, of course, love.

How long will the dog stay with me?

Depending on the age and condition of the dog, anywhere from 7 days to several months. Younger dogs usually spend less time in their foster homes, while older dogs tend to have longer stays.

How much will it cost?

GGR asks the foster home to provide food for the dog. All routine care, such as an exam, vaccines, spay/neuter, heartworm and flea preventative will be paid for by GGR. Emergency care, when needed, will be covered by GGR. We will also provide food if requested.

What if I have other pets?

Most Golden Retrievers enjoy the company of other dogs. We will never, knowingly, place an animal aggressive dog in a home with existing pets. It is sometimes best to introduce existing pets to your new foster in a neutral environment. Should problems arise, the dog will be removed and placed with another foster family. Human aggressive dogs are not taken into our program.

What if we choose to keep our foster dog?

You will need to complete the adoption application to start the process. You must let us know your interest before we interview other interested families. Foster families must go through the same adoption process as others and there is no guarantee that the Golden will be adopted to the foster home. 

How do I become an approved foster home?

Fill out and email our foster application form (link above). A home visit will be conducted and any other questions you may have can be answered during this visit.

We take great care in placing our dogs in homes best suited to their temperament and/or special needs.

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