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It’s been a busy several weeks for Parker. She has been a regular at the vet’s office getting weighed, treated for a heavy load of intestinal parasites, treated for the bacterial skin infection, and having medicated baths to promote healing so her coat will start growing back. This picture of Parker speaks for itself! She is looking and feeling so much better, and it was made possible by YOU, her heroes, who came to her rescue. Here’s an update from her foster mom.


“Drumroll, please!!  Parker has gained SIX - 6 - POUNDS since last Wednesday!!  As Dr. Blount said, "you're starting to look like a real dog!!"  Last Wednesday, she had lost a pound from her starting weight, to 39#.  Today she weighed slightly over 45#.  Dr. Blount wants her to gain about 10 more pounds before we reexamine her treatment plan and plan the next steps:  her spay surgery and heartworm treatment.  He also noticed that she was getting "peach fuzz" on her neck and chest where they've been massaging in the mousse treatment when she gets her medicated baths.  It's obvious that the hair that was missing down her spine is growing back in as well. 


She also popped in the groomer's room to show her how good she looked and Chrissy was thrilled. No more ribs sticking out. 


This morning she was looking good and she knew it. As soon as she saw me get her fancy collar (I don't put a collar on her around the house to give her neck and the area where the hair was worn off a break from pressure), she rolled over and started smiling. Then when I walked out of the bedroom, she ran to the garage door, waiting. 


I had errands to run so I took her to Lowe's with me. She walked around like she owned the place, walking up to workers and shoppers to be petted. It's just amazing the difference in her demeanor since last week!!


This was her when we got back home.”


YOU have truly made an amazing difference in this little girl’s life and GGR is so thankful for your help. Parker is on her way to good health, and we are sure she is thinking:  “I Love this Golden Life!” 🐕🐾


Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe our reaction to the response we have received for Parker. The fact that inflation is having such an impact on so many people certainly did not keep people from making Parker a priority! We cannot find any words to adequately thank everyone who responded to this appeal. Over $7,000 has been raised to help this sweet girl!

We also wanted you to know that if all the money donated to help Parker is not needed for her – other dogs will benefit from your generosity.

Right now there is a critical crisis of dogs needing rescue and new homes all over the US. Local shelters have had to close their doors because they have no room, dogs were left in a carrier outside of one shelter in unbearable heat, and others are being turned out to fend for themselves or tied somewhere to starve like Parker.

With inflation continuing – this heartbreaking situation is not likely to go away anytime soon. But GGR stands ready to help any future dogs who will need us and your donations could very well help make that happen.

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💔 Parker Needs Your Help!

This is Parker’s story-

"Emaciated and abandoned, this little girl was tied up on the side of a rural road with just enough rope to reach the woods for a break from the blistering heat. No food - just a bucket of nasty water. No one knows how long she was like this but, as pictures show, her ribs, spine, and hip bones were exposed.

Fate surely stepped in for this dog when a Good Samaritan chose to drive down that road and found her. For several days he brought her food and water. One day her rope was so tangled that she couldn't reach the woods for a break from the heat and burning sun. Having been unable to locate anyone who knew anything about her, he cut the rope and took her home. A plea went out for rescue to help this sweet girl and Grateful Goldens Rescue quickly stepped up. To start her new life, she needed a new name, and we chose Parker, a strong name for this little fighter.

Parker was severely underweight and anemic from fleas, heartworms, and intestinal parasites. She had yeast and fungal infections on her skin. Her bloodwork showed low protein because of her diet and her nails looked like they had never been trimmed. After a soothing medicated bath, Parker obviously felt better and her healing began. Now in a loving foster home, Parker has discovered the wonder of belly rubs and has begun to smile as she's slowly being introduced to The Golden Life.

Parker has a long way to go in her recovery. None of the big things like spay surgery or heartworm treatment can  be attempted until she's stronger. She requires weekly medicated baths to help her skin heal and her coat to grow back and multiple dewormings to rid her of a heavy load of intestinal parasites.”

Parker's vet bills have already reached $600 and that is before being spayed and treated for heartworms. We expect her vet bills will be at least $3,000.





We desperately need help for Parker’s recovery to good health and the loving life she so deserves.

We hope you will become one of Parker's Golden Angels by making a donation.

Click here to see Parker's Golden Angels 😇

Our heartfelt appreciation for your special support for Parker! 💖

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Foster Homes Needed!

Funds are critical to rescuing dogs in need, but fosters are just as critical – without them – rescues would not be possible. So, if you, or someone you know, would be willing to become a GGR foster, please contact us. You will be joining an incredible team, saving some amazing dogs, and filling your heart with so much love! The Featured Goldens below are just three sweet GGR dogs in loving, foster homes awaiting their forever homes.


We are in the process of expanding our foster network so we can always be ready to place a homeless dog. Please visit the Foster page for information on fostering, complete the foster application and send in.

Will you open your heart and home to a Golden in need? If so, we are waiting to hear from you!

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