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Golden Retriever on dock at sunset

Celebrating 18 Years!

Giving Homeless Goldens a
Second Chance at a Loving Life 

A Golden Chance for Little Toby 👏
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Recently a plea went out from Orangeburg County Animal Control about an injured puppy who was in desperate need of rescue. They were able to raise funds to have X-rays taken that indicated a broken femur in his right rear leg.


Looking at that sweet little face we knew we had to give Toby, a 10-12 week old pup, a fighting chance so our GGR volunteers were at the center bright and early the next morning to pick him up. He was rushed to a vet to for a thorough exam where he was found to be in good health despite his injury. Our vet confirmed a break in his femur and recommended surgery to fix his leg.


Toby went to see Dr. Jonathan Suber at Capital Veterinary Hospital & Veterinary Surgical Center in Columbia, SC. Dr. Suber reviewed the x-rays that revealed his injury was a result of being stepped on evidenced by an imprint of boot cleats on his little body! 😞

After the consultation, Dr. Suber took Toby straight back for surgery to reset and stabilize the femur and everything went well! Although he is just a puppy, he stated this should be the only surgery he will need as it will allow to femur to continue to grow along with him. Toby will need 6-8 weeks of crate rest for the femur to heal properly.

We are thankful to Orangeburg County Animal Control for allowing us to give Toby the chance at the loving life he deserves and to those who have already donated to help this sweet boy.

We are so thankful to everyone who gave generously during our holiday season appeals. However, since Toby required emergency surgery which is very expensive (est. $3,400-$3,800), we would be most grateful if you would also become a Special Angel 😇 for Toby by contributing toward his surgery and post-op care.

Donations can be made by clicking below:

Toby's Special Angels 😇

Hoof & Paw Benevolent Society

Kate Sobus

Melba Duncan

John & Susan Harvin

Kerri Hendrick

Courtney Hall

Jessica Faumuina

Whitney Watford

Carolynne Jackson

Grady Sanner

Heidi Koch

Jodi Clark

Jill Russ

Susan Daly

Angel Taylor

Barbara Laface

Kevin Chapin

Patricia Guasta

Lee Ann Buxton

Melba Duncan

Annette Koch

Elizabeth Green

Adalie Walker

Maureen Hersey

Kathryn Koegel

Matt Prisby's Facebook Fundraiser Donors

Baird Foundation

Rebecca Zozaya

Please visit our Facebook Page 

for updates on little Toby 

Thank You from GGR and Toby! 💙🐕🐾

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Foster Homes Needed!

Funds are critical to rescuing dogs in need, but fosters are just as critical – without them – rescues would not be possible. So, if you, or someone you know, would be willing to become a GGR foster, please contact us. You will be joining an incredible team, saving some amazing dogs, and filling your heart with so much love! The Featured Goldens below are just three sweet GGR dogs in loving, foster homes awaiting their forever homes.


We are in the process of expanding our foster network so we can always be ready to place a homeless dog. Please visit the Foster page for information on fostering, complete the foster application and send in.

Will you open your heart and home to a Golden in need? If so, we are waiting to hear from you!

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