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GGR Alum Parker 2022

Holiday Season Donations

During this Season of Giving, donations to Grateful Goldens Rescue

represents a major portion of our funding for the year.

Your gift today will help many Grateful Goldens in the New Year.

From our hearts, Thank You!

Happy Holidays to you and your family!


In Loving Memory of our GGR alums Rhett, Sam, Delaney, Rusty, Zoe and Jonah

Tom Milan

Kathryn Edwards

In Honor of

Glen Raus & family

Helen C. Brandenburg

Teresa Smith

In Memory of my beautiful Goldens

Betsie, Molly, Shadow, Holly and Sadie

Jana Witt

In Honor of Buddy Crozer

William Howard Flowers, Jr. Foundation, Inc.

In Honor of all the hard work that Virginia Pearson does for the wonderful Goldens.

Goldens Rule!

Joann Feingold

Warren Onken

John Wood

In Honor of Luna and

Merry Christmas Kim Kolts

Ann Peebles

Maureen Hersey

Beverly O'Neal

In Loving Memory of my angelic pups - Thunder, Luke, Cole, and GGR rescue dog Dusty. Merry Christmas!

Jody Clark

Robin Costanzo

Kathleen Groglio

Christine Pelic

In Memory of Belle, Gracie, Shane, Lily & Shiloh

and In Honor of Sugar

Joyce & Lowell Mallard

Joni George

In Honor of Gage, the very sweetest boy, as we celebrate 9 years together thanks to GGR.

Cecilia Dilworth

Adam Killermann

Pamela Mihelic

Sylvia Alldredge

David Hoover

Matt Prisby

Frank Lepore

Shirley Mulholland

David Pawlowski

Kimberly Nixon

In Honor of our last rescue, Jacob.

Warren & Gail Onken

Mary Lou Lelii Bryant

Kathryn Koegel

Beth Trafford

David Menefee

Hoof & Paw Benevolent Society of South Carolina

Happy New Year!

Terri Weiss

Joyce & Lowell Mallard

Ann Wolf

The Carlson Family Fund of

The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro

In Honor of our wonderful GGR alums

Gracie and Gibson

Chris Dumas

Judith Miller

Eliza Harrigan

With gratitude on behalf of your support

with Max and Nala - you are all wonderful!

Kevin & Tracy Chapin

L. Sloan Wright III

Linda Hastings

To support the fundraising efforts

of Kate Wagner

Boeing South Carolina

Have a great holiday and

kiss those Goldens for me!

Bea & Remington Gobee

A donation from Shadow Blair

for the Goldens

Kathleen & William Blair

In Honor of Rugby and

Merry Christmas Roselle Abyad

Ann Peebles

In Memory of Norman - the best boy!

Cynthia Castle

Kimberly Besse

In Memory of Auburn

Libby Aiken

Jack & Mary Bartley

In Memory of Murphy Keane

Ann & Cary Keane

In Memory of Buttons

Annette Bertolani

Steve & Marge Durham

Toni Plankenhorn

In Memory of Barnes and

In Honor of Bailey & Biscuit

Catherine Christman & Tom Leath

Richard Bryan

Julia Wellons

Vickie Guerry

Alecia Barbee & Family

Kimberly Byrd

In Memory of Jarold and Aileen Lister

Rebecca Zozaya

Shannon White

Jody Clark

In Memory of Tucker and Sophie. Thank you for never turning down a Golden who needs GGR's help.

Melanie Gouzoules

Keith Hanzi

Susan Alford

Sally Menefee

In Honor of Keli

Pete & Elsie Mitchell

Burton Fletcher Foundation for Animals

Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund

The Pawlowski Charitable Fund

Wishing Ann Peebles a Happy 2023

and in honor of Dally

Roselle Abyad

2004-2024 new ribbon and ring.png

Help Grateful Goldens Rescue continue its mission --

Celebrating 20 Years of
Giving homeless Goldens a second
chance at a loving life in the coastal
areas of South Carolina.
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